What Space Movie Came Out In 1993? Top Space Movies from the 90s

If you are wondering, What Space Movie Came Out In 1993? Let me tell you, A space movie called The Alien Intruder was released in 1993. It has an alien species with superhuman talents and armor in place of flesh. The crew is taken hostage by an alien race known as the Murmansk. Because they have armor instead of skin and possess superhuman skills, they have a physiology that is distinct from that of humans. Their bodies can move at speeds of up to 30 mph and are pain-immune.

A low-budget American science fiction movie called Alien Intruder was released in 1993. Billy Dee Williams plays Commander Skyler, a man tasked with rescuing a ship that has become stuck, in the Ricardo Jacques Gale-directed movie. As a prisoner is permitted access to a virtual reality world for a weekend, he learns about the aliens’ arrival.

This sci-fi film has already been seen many times before. The PM Entertainment Company, the biggest producer of contemporary B-Movies, has released the movie directly on VHS. Learn more on What Space Movie Came Out In 1993:

What Outer Space Movie Came Out In 1993?

The best space film that was released in 1993 was The Alien Intruder. It starts with a mission to save the galaxy from the threat of these aliens being flown by an elite fighter pilot.

A space adventure film called The Alien Intruder was released in 1993. It concerns an extra-terrestrial species that have occupied Earth. The top fighter pilot has decided to take to the skies on a quest to save the galaxy from them. These aliens have telepathic communication, and their leader is the most potent of all of them.

It turns out to be a worrying development for our hero that the alien species’ commander has granted all of his soldiers the capacity to communicate mentally over great distances. The extra-terrestrial species’ commander grants all of his soldiers the capacity to converse mentally over great distances at one point in the movie, which proves to be a worrying development for our hero.

The aliens in the movie have to be defeated since they are more powerful and intelligent than humans, giving them an edge. The hero devises a scheme to send his soldiers on suicide missions without their knowledge or agreement in order to utilize this newfound power against them. Alien Intruder is a fascinating space movie featuring exciting action sequences and a clever twist in the plot.

What Space Jam Movie Came Out In 1993 Cast

The science fiction movie Alien Intruder was released in 1993 and received positive reviews from viewers. The fact that it was a science fiction film released in 1993 contributed to the film’s huge success. At the time, there were no movies with such special effects, so it drew viewers. The cast of the alien movie intruder included Jeremy London, Morgan Weisser, and Tracy Griffith in that time.

A strange spaceship’s crew is shown at the start of the movie. One crew member stalks its prey via the same passageways while acting irrationally, killing them with a laser and love. The psychopath is so fixated on his victim that he even uses an 8-bit display of his femme fatale visage. The entire movie is a horror thriller since the crew member is a crazy scientist.

Billy Dee Williams played a virtual reality extra-terrestrial and an astronaut captain in the space adventure movie. Space travel and laser weapons were expected to advance by 2022, according to the film’s producers, but it is obvious that little has changed since that time.

Alien Intruder’s concept was unique, but the movie was a rip-off of every other science-fiction thriller from the 1990s. The main antagonist of the film is a murderous seductress. Although not the most inventive plot, this is the movie’s most intriguing element. You’ll watch the entire movie because of it. You’re missing out on a lot if you haven’t seen it yet.

Overview of what space movie came out in 1993

The PM Entertainment Group and Ricardo Jacques Galé’s low-budget science fiction picture Alien Intruder were both created in the United States. On February 24th, 1993, a direct-to-video release was made. Billy Dee Williams plays Commander Skyler in the 2022 movie, who is in command of a group of experienced criminals who have been given life sentences in prison. He gives them the task of searching for a lost ship in the unexplored depths of space.

The criminals are given the chance to spend their weekends in a virtual reality environment where they can fulfill their sexual dreams with any lady they choose as an added perk for agreeing to such a risky assignment. But, after killing off all of the other virtual women, a lady named Ariel (played by Tracy Scoggins of Babylon 5) who is not a part of the program arrives inside it and starts wooing the prisoners. Tensions rise as she starts to show up outside the program, and the men start to turn against one another right away.

What Space Movie Came Out In 1993 Cast

The Alien Intruder star cast includes:

  • Dorman (Jeff Conaway)
  • Ariel (Tracy Scoggins)
  • Commander Skyler (Billy Dee Williams)
  • Nick (Maxwell Caulfield)
  • D.J. (Richard Cody)
  • Peter (Stephen Davies)
  • Lloyd (Gary Roberts)

Alien intruder hit or flop? What Space Movie Came Out In 1993

Billy Dee Williams is the star of the 1993 American indie science fiction film Alien Intruder. The film’s direction is likewise excellent. The movie only received a 3.2/10 on IMDB.

Criminals are first seen being sent to a maximum-security facility on the moon. Nevertheless, an extraterrestrial entity enters the spacecraft and kills everyone but one man. The crash has left this lone survivor with no memory of who he is or what happened, but he manages to land the ship on a nearby planet. While they work to solve the enigma surrounding recent occurrences and the reason they are on this planet in the first place, he finally encounters a young woman who also lives alone. They eventually fall in love.

Alien Intruder differs from other space movies in a few significant ways, albeit its original premise isn’t the movie’s best asset. The majority of the movie is predictable, and the audience is constantly one step ahead of the protagonists. Yet the main enemy, a seductress who is both attractive and menacing, is a cliche. Yet, the film’s unique use of VR technology and its talented ensemble of performers stand out as its key features and it answers What Space Movie Came Out In 1993.

The top outer space films from the 1990s.

The general public has a specific affection for movies that are set in or revolve around space. We simply can’t get enough of space journeys and struggles, whether they take the form of timeless works like 2001: A Space Odyssey or contemporary faves like Gravity, The Martian, or Interstellar. We haven’t even begun to scratch the surface of what it may be used for in terms of science fiction and fantasy media. We’re going to look at seven of the best films from the 1990s, a decade that was particularly strong for movies about space. Here is a list of the top space movies from the 1990s, ranked, from hard science fiction to spectacular cosmic epics.

Armageddon (1998) 

Michael Bay directed The Rock and Bad Boys prior to Armageddon. These were certainly dazzling action movies, but they lacked the ludicrous magnitude for which Bay would later become famous. Armageddon, a conceptual disaster, was his first genuinely monumental work. In its fantastic story, a team of astronauts is practicing drilling a hole into an oncoming asteroid. The stakes are extremely high because the asteroid is certain to destroy all life on Earth. Whether or not we can believe in the world-saving asteroid drilling scheme, this movie is definitely remarkable. Also, it brought hordes of people to the movies, making Bay a top box office attraction.

Event Horizon (1997)

Event Horizon was a project that, in some ways, failed. It struggled to get praise from critics or audiences due to its difficult production history.

But, it is also one of the few science fiction movies that explore the horrific qualities of space and introduce cosmic horror to the genre. Although it’s possible that we’ll never see Event Horizon’s lost footage or alternate endings, which would have made the film much more horrifying and pessimistic, it still stands as an intriguing depiction of the universe as a type of Lovecraftian nightmare (see more on the deleted footage from Den of Geek). The cosmic horror genre has a lot of untapped potential, so we only wish there were more movies like this one.

Apollo 13 (1995)

Apollo 13 screams the 1990s with a cast that includes Tom Hanks, Kevin Bacon, Bill Paxton, and Ed Harris. But this film offers more than just star power. Based on the true account of the unsuccessful (albeit thankfully not fatal) Apollo 13 lunar mission, it is a tightly directed, dramatic thriller. The movie received numerous nominations, including Best Picture at the 1995 Academy Awards, and it took home the prizes for Best Editing and Best Sound. Its practical and computer-generated visual effects still look fantastic today, making this classic example of space filmmaking well worth your time.

Total Recall (1990)

Total Recall, an Arnold Schwarzenegger-starring classic that was based on a short tale by Phillip K. Dick, helped pave the way for 1990s science fiction. We follow the plot from mundane Earth to a populated Mars. Although we don’t spend a lot of time there, it serves as the setting for the film’s cheesy intramural fights. Schwarzenegger, who portrays construction worker Douglas Quaid (who is actually a covert spy with suppressed memories), anchors the movie with his typically commanding performance. Verhoeven serves as a reminder that space cinema does not necessarily need to be based on actual science to be interesting to viewers.

Contact (1997) 

Robert Zemeckis’ Contact, widely regarded as one of the best science fiction films of the 1990s, tells the story of humanity’s initial encounter with extraterrestrial life. The movie explores religious and existential themes rather than treating it as a basic science fiction scenario, making us consider the dramatic ramifications of the discovery of alien life. Dr. Eleanor (Ellie) Ann Arroway, a scientist chosen to undertake the initial encounter with the extraterrestrial creature, is played admirably by Jodie Foster. The movie is still a favorite among those who value intellectual science fiction.

Starship Troopers (1997)

For good cause, Starship Troopers has gained cult status. Based on Robert Heinlein’s classic science fiction novel, it is a riotous parody of militarism and its effects and is rife with memorable quotes and scenes. There isn’t a funnier piece of space media from the 1990s or anywhere else. Although it wasn’t very well-liked when it was first released, its reputation has grown as viewers have learned to appreciate its satirical appeal over time (via The Atlantic). Another highlight is the bloody man versus bug battle, which will appeal to action movie lovers.

The Fifth Element (1997)

Science fiction film production peaked in 1997. The Fifth Element, one of the four films from that year on this list, is our favorite and a top contender for the best space movie of the ten years. It combines all the greatest aspects of ’90s science fiction, including outrageous costumes, hilarious moments, cosmic battles with high stakes, and top-tier star power. Here, Chris Tucker, Gary Oldman, Milla Jovovich, and Bruce Willis are involved in a frantic journey through time and space. In addition to being one of the top science fiction movies of the past 25 years, it is also our choice for the best space movie of the 1990s.

Last Words on What Space Movie Came Out In 1993

The Prometheus Deep Space Station, which orbits the planet Sigma Draconis, is the setting for the Alien Intruder movie. The crew is told to investigate the alien. The crew must take the lifeform back to the lab to be studied once it escapes, though. The only difference is that the alien has the power to alter its environment, just like in the original two Alien movies.

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FAQs on What Space Movie Came Out In 1993?

Q1. What space film was released in 1995?

Ans: Gayniggers from Outer Space

Q2. Which science fiction film was released in 1993?

Ans: The Meteor Man (1993)

Q3. What happened in the 1990s in space?

Ans: Columbia, the first reusable Space Shuttle, is launched into orbit. Up until the TDRS went into operation later in the decade, the Shuttle astronauts communicated via the Spaceflight Tracking and Data Network (STDN). The Space Transportation System 6 (STS-6) Space Shuttle mission will put TDRS-1 into orbit.

Q4. In the 1990s, what space shuttle exploded?

Ans: Columbia
The thermal protection system tiles on the orbiter’s left wing were damaged during launch when a piece of insulating foam that was attached to the Space Shuttle external tank came off and impacted them.

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