What Is RPX Movie? Latest Updates in 2023

Since the introduction of IMAX, rivals have been trying to raise ticket prices with an equivalent or better offering and want to know what is RPX movie.

In response, Regal introduced the Regal Premium Experience, or RPX theatre, in April 2010.

These theatres tout a significantly larger screen than the typical Regal movie theatre, better acoustics, and leather recliners.

Most businesses purposefully avoid discussing the real technology that powers these theatres and provides little details online and in person.

I’ll be going into detail about each feature that comes along with the more expensive option to assist you to get a better picture of what the RPX theatres have to offer.

You will be able to tell by the conclusion of this page whether this theatre is just another cheap marketing ploy for the movie industry or a wise investment for a movie buff!

What Can You Find at an RPX Theater?

It is crucial to note right away that reality and what a theatre company claims are frequently two very different things.

But keep in mind that what I’m expressing when I list off the audio and visual qualities available in these movie theatres may not be present in your neighborhood theatre.

Let’s go on to the topic that everyone is most interested in, the screen size, now that the small disclaimer has been made.

Each RPX screen is forty feet tall and sixty feet wide, which is significantly larger than the typical theatre screen, according to Regal.

Nonetheless, this is still considerably smaller than an IMAX screen, which is usually 52 by 72. Given that this is Regal’s “Premium Big Format” offering, I’d say that in terms of size, it succeeds.

Dual digital projectors with 30,000 lumens are used to screen movies.

In terms of the actual audio technology used by your local theatre, things become a little murkier. According to Regal, a 7.1 Dolby Atmos or 11.1 Auro sound system can be used in an RPX theatre.

It’s unclear which system your neighborhood theatre use. Although I’ve heard from many people that employees are unsure of which is used, you can call and ask one.

However, it is difficult to hold the staff (who are typically high school students) accountable for this since the information does not appear to be simple to obtain.

Although this was more than twelve years ago, release statements suggest that the theatres are equipped with eight 21-inch subwoofers.

From 2010 and 2022, the actual number could have significantly altered. Critics certainly appear to give the audio good marks, and it appears to be the highlight of the overall experience.

Although I’ve observed multiple instances of specific theatres not giving this, Regal states that your chairs have speakers integrated into them.

Since many people complain that the chair speakers distract from and detract from the movie, this really seems to be a plus for such theatres.

Going on to the seating, Regal offers significantly enhanced leather chairs, some of which even recline.

While this is probably far more comfortable than any other option you might find, I should point out that if the cinema doesn’t have good A/C, be mindful.

I cringe to imagine how these chairs will look after a three-hour movie in the sweltering heat. This applies to everyone who must sit in them, not just the one who is now seated.

Both RealD three-dimensional movies and two-dimensional movies can be watched with the Regal Premium Experience.

Given that the seats are a little distant from the action in these venues, 3D might be ideal.

On such a large screen, this will enhance the depth of the third dimension, however, being too close could cancel out the 3D impact.

What Is RPX Movie Experience?

We must first compare the cost of this upscale option’s tickets to those of its rivals in order to determine whether the expenditure will be worthwhile.

According to Regal’s website, an adult RPX ticket will cost between 18.50 and 21 USD.

It may be difficult to justify buying a ticket when compared to IMAX (19.69 average), Cinemark XD (12.15 average), and Dolby Cinema (17–20).

This is especially valid if your neighborhood offers a variety of choices.

In the town where I grew up, there was just one Regal cinema for fifty miles.

If you can connect to this, it might be advantageous to spend the money on the pricey tickets given your unfortunate geographic location.

Given that this is probably the only theatre with a bigger screen in your near area, it could be worthwhile to pay a little more.

The Regal Premium Experience, in my opinion, trails IMAX by a significant amount.

The sound quality varies from theatre to theatre, the screen isn’t as big, and the leather chairs’ built-in speakers don’t help the movie at all.

This is OK if the cost were considerably lower than IMAX, but based on my investigation, it appears to be the most expensive available choice.

If you’re going to a 3D movie, RPX might be the better option because of its farther away seats, which enhances the realism of the screen reaching out to you.

But, keep in mind that if the movie is both RPX and 3D, you will have to pay an even higher ticket, which can add up quickly if you are paying for numerous people, theatre snacks, or those annoying convenience fees.

The main result is that you should probably avoid RPX if you want to save cash and have more local options open to you.

Give it a try if you really like the cozy, comforting feeling of a smooth leather recliner, and don’t mind paying more for this upgraded Regal style.

Ordinarily, I’d suggest going to the movies once just for the novelty of it, but I don’t think it distinguishes itself from other large-screen options enough to be worth the one-time investment.

What Is RPX Movie Format?

Regal Cinemas created the RPX movie format, which offers a bigger screen, greater sound, and better seating.

Despite the higher price tag, RPX offers a more immersive and engaging gaming experience, thus it can be a good upgrade for those who are ready to pay for it.

RPX and IMAX: How Do They Compare? what is RPX movie and IMAX

This thoroughly compares IMAX and RPX to help you make the best decision.


One of the most important factors when selecting a movie theatre is typically comfort. There are comfy seats available in IMAX theatres.

The layout of every seat ensures that everyone can see the screen well from every angle. As a result, wherever you are sitting, you will have an immersive movie-watching experience.

What is RPX movie comfort? the chairs in RPX theatres are of a different quality. The comfort of its viewers is a top priority for RPX.

As a result, they provide leatherback seats, the majority of which are recliners, with additional padding for added comfort. For ultimate comfort, these seats include broad seats with headrests and highbacks.

Also, each seat has a speaker placed beneath it to provide spectators with a superior sound system.


IMAX is unquestionably a pioneer in terms of technology. The larger, curved screen and its unique laser projection are renowned for providing the sharpest images.

Also, the curved flat screen delivers a 3D effect for immersive, vivid, and detailed images even in 2D movies.

The best quality of RPX is that they are constantly innovating. To give moviegoers the greatest experience possible, RPX frequently introduces new technology.

A 4K laser projector with a contrast ratio of 1870:1 and a brightness of 33000 lumens was recently released by RPX. Moreover, RPX screens handle both 2D and 3D formats.

Screen Size

Even for 2D films, IMAX is renowned for its bigger, wall-to-wall curved screens that provide a 3D-like experience.

IMAX screens are typically between 70 and 100 feet long and over 50 feet tall. Thus, an IMAX screen is often five to six times larger than a regular cinema screen.

This produces striking images with a high contrast ratio.

The RPX screens, however, are taller. Depending on the size of the theatre, a standard RPX screen will range in width from 45 to 70 feet. Likewise, the screens are flat.

Video Quality

In contemporary films, the video quality frequently makes a significant difference in the viewing experience.

Given the market dominance of 4K and high-fidelity videos, you might be interested in selecting a picture format that provides the finest possible video quality.

IMAX might do well if you’re looking forward to a 3D film with lots of action and spectacular visuals. IMAX seats are designed for the finest view from every angle, bringing the action closer to you.

Even for 2D movies, IMAX provides better video quality because the curved screen gives even 2D movies a semblance of 3D.

Nonetheless, IMAX is not recommended for films where the dialogue takes precedence over the visuals. Consequently, it is preferable to choose RPX if you are watching a historical drama or a romance film.

Also, RPX screens are a fantastic option if you want to view 3D movies without putting too much pressure on your eyes. Moreover, RPX screens are dimmer, which may be more pleasant for some users.

Sound Quality

IMAX triumphs in terms of sound quality. Its 12-channel sound system creates an immersive and high-quality audio experience.

The sound box is positioned overhead in IMAX theatres to give patrons a fully immersive audio experience.

Yet that does not imply that RPX is significantly behind. Under each seat in RPX theatres are speakers that produce their own sound bubbles.

Film Experience

IMAX performs better in the area of immersive experience for a complete cinematic experience. Its overhead speakers, curved screen, and laser projectors give you the impression that you are actually there.

The RPX movie experience, on the other hand, focuses on a premium atmosphere with reclining leather chairs that have more room and a high backrest with plenty of leg room.

A winner when it comes to value for money is always IMAX. Yet, you might pick RPX if you enjoy luxurious seating.

Ticket Cost

Last but not least, there is also the issue of the budget. Well, IMAX movie theatres are more expensive than regular movie theatres if you look at the price list.

The cost of an RPX theatre might vary based on the projection technology (such as 4K, 3D, or laser) and the quality of the seats. As a result, the cost is sometimes between $1 and $4 more than IMAX.

Which is Better, IMAX or RPX?

IMAX can be a better option for you if you enjoy seeing movies with spectacular images and lifelike sound. It is not the best choice for movies that place a lot of emphasis on speech and other subtle cues.

On the other hand, RPX can handle all movie formats equally, including 3D, 2D, 4K, etc. As a result, you will appreciate the film regardless of its genre, graphics, or speech.

Nevertheless, the RPX theatre seats are not ideal, and the screen is flat.


The epidemic had a significant impact on the theatre sector, and the country’s many closed movie theatres are evidence of this.

Despite this, well-known companies like Regal continue to market extravagant ticket prices for inferior experiences that fall short of the more affordable options provided by their immediate rivals.

Because of this, I am unable to suggest the RPX movie to the majority of people, albeit special circumstances might persuade some people to try this pricey choice.

FAQs on what is RPX movie

Q1. What is RPX movie theatre?

Ans: Regal Premium Experience is the abbreviation. On larger movie screens, it is one of the theatre systems it is most frequently employed.

The immersive sound effects and digital image quality of RPX, which uses laser projectors, are its finest features.

Q2. What Is RPX Movie Regal Cinemas?

Ans: Regal Premium Experience is the acronym. On larger movie screens, it’s a component of the theatre systems are at is most frequently employed.

The realistic sound effects and digital image quality provided by RPX’s laser projectors are its finest features.

Regal was anxious to maintain the competition standard in the cutthroat market when it debuted it.

Q3. What Is A Movie In RPX?

Ans: With strong, uncompressed surround sound and vivid, eye-popping pictures in 2D and RealD 3D, RPX shows movies as the creators intended.

Visitors will appreciate the premium, custom-built setting that makes for the ideal moviegoing experience.

Q4. What Is a 3D RPX Movie?

Ans: With strong, uncompressed surround sound and vivid, eye-popping pictures in 2D and RealD 3D, RPX shows movies as the creators intended.

Hope you will get some information about what is rpx movie. Share with your loved one if you like it. thank you.

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