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On January 19, people from all around the world attended the celebrity movie archive celebration to celebrate the recent addition of creative works to the public domain, many of whom were dressed to the nines.

SPARC, Creative Commons, Library Futures, Authors Alliance, Public Knowledge, and Duke’s Center for the Study of the Public Domain collaborated to present the event.

According to Jennifer Jenkins of the Center for the Study of the Public Domain at Duke Law School, “we’re commemorating works produced in 1927 becoming open to all in the United States where we can legally share, upload, and build upon them without permission or price.” You are free to change the people, the circumstances, the locations, and the visuals and use them in your original stories, musical plays, and films.

These cultural materials are largely out of print, and librarians and archivists are keen to preserve them. As they are now in the public domain, anyone can digitize and preserve them, making them easier to find.

According to Jenkins, “the celebrity movie archive is vital because it provides access to cultural resources that could otherwise be lost to time.”

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Elizabeth Olsen Celebrity Movie Archive

The Big Four by Agatha Christie and To the Lighthouse by Virginia Wolfe, as well as the sheet music for The Best Things in Life, Are Free and I Scream, You Scream, We All Scream For Ice Cream, as well as the silent films Metropolis by Fritz Lang and Putting Pants on Phillip with Stan Laurel and Oliver Hardy, are just a few of the most well-known works that went into the public domain in 2023.

The Jazz Singer with Al Jolson, the first full-length motion picture with synchronized sound, was released in 1927.

Every motion picture performance in the 1920s was accompanied by live musicians, ranging from full orchestras in big cities to solo piano players in small-town theatres in celebrity movie archives. This meant that older films were not truly silent, according to Rob Byrne, a film restorer, and president of the San Francisco Silent Film Festival, who made this point during the event. According to Bryne, the average American went to the theatres more than three times per week, and because there were no language hurdles, foreign films were well received.

Sadly, more than 80% of all movies made before 1930 have been destroyed.

According to Indiana University associate professor of history, cinema, and media studies Cara Cadoo, even fewer movies with Black casts and made for Black audiences have survived. She stated that “the story of American cinema has always included race.”

Gal Gadot Celebrity Movie Archive

Cadoo claimed she had found a snippet from a lost Black film as a result of being able to watch movies in the public domain with ease. When watching a 2023 movie, she used some detective work to find scenes from the 1917 movie “The Trooper of Troop K.” People have just recently begun to take this past seriously, according to Cadoo.

Brigitte Vezina, Creative Commons’ head of policy and open culture, outlined the significant obstacles that libraries, museums, and archives still must overcome in order to carry out their functions in the digital age. (See the report Open Culture Barriers.) She claimed that outmoded frameworks are being used by institutions and that copyright policy change is necessary.

Emily Blunt Celebrity Movie Archive

With reference to the organization’s most recent call to action policy guide, Vezina stated, “We have been pushing open culture to construct a more egalitarian, approachable, and innovative world.” Our open culture program enables greater worldwide sharing of cultural resources in part because of this rich experience.

SPARC’s Nicholas Shockey spoke on another significant turning point in enhancing public access to knowledge in addition to the works honored from 1927. New guidelines were released by the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy in August and call for the federal government to make open access the default setting for all publicly funded research conducted in the country.

According to Shockey, this will make the more than $80 billion worth of research that is funded by US taxpayers each year instantly accessible to anyone online. The focus is part of a larger effort to advance fairness in research and scholarship and acknowledges how openness can be a potent enabler of more egalitarian institutions.

2023 has also been designated by the government as the Year of Open Science. Shockey noted the dismal 20-year hiatus for the Canadian public domain and stated that the issue of what is and is not publicly and openly accessible is one of public policy.

When we commemorate this day, Shockey remarked, “I hope the momentum we create may be directed into continued activism to ensure that more and more of the knowledge that creates our world is made accessible to everyone and to more completely realize the right of sharing knowledge.”

Michelle Monaghan Celebrity Movie Archive

Meredith Rose, senior policy counsel at Public Knowledge, cited NASA’s public posting of photographs from the Webb space telescope as an illustration of the importance of the free sharing of information from the federal government.

Internet pioneer Brewster Kahle once observed, “Some things are born free. Worldwide democracies publish openly because they value education and want it to reach as many people as possible.

Yet, being open does not always imply being accessible. Kahle is working on a project called Democracy’s Library which collects and preserves government documents from the U.S., Canada, and other countries.

Greeting the Public Domain with 1927

Books, journals, sheet music, and motion pictures from 1927 are now part of the public domain in the United States.

The first transatlantic phone call between New York and London, the founding of The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, the first successful long-distance television demonstration, the release of the first well-liked “talkie,” The Jazz Singer, and Charles Lindbergh’s first nonstop transatlantic solo flight between New York and Paris are some of the major events that occurred in 1927.


Despite The Jazz Singer’s success, most films in 1927 remained silent, including Fritz Lang’s stunning Metropolis. The year also saw the release of Putting Pants on Phillip, the debut feature of Laurel and Hardy, Nevada, an early Western starring Gary Cooper, Joan Crawford’s Spring Fever, Mary Pickford’s My Best Girl, Clara Bow’s Get Your Guy, and Cecil B. DeMille’s King of Kings.

No Man’s Land, which has a horse as the main character (Rex the Wonder Horse, in case you were wondering; if you’d want to follow his career, he also starred in The King of Wild Horses and Black Cyclone), really captured my attention.

Alternatively, we may go back in time with Koko the Clown in Koko in 1999, where it seems that people believed that everything will be automated at the turn of the previous century and that you could buy a bride for 25 cents from a vending machine.


Because of the way the music modernization act is worded, no new recorded music will become part of the public domain in the US this year; however, we do have some exciting new sheet music to check out. The Greatest Things in Life Are Free and I Scream, You Scream, We All Scream For Ice Cream are probably the two major ones that people remember the most today. Yet, you ought to spend some time playing Dream Kisses, The Desert Song, My Ohio Home, and Girl of My Dreams.


Many volumes of journals from 1927 are now in the public domain, including some from titles that are still popular today, such as:

  • Life
  • Vogue
  • The Billboard
  • Cosmopolitan
  • The Saturday Evening Post
  • The Progressive Farmer
  • The New Yorker

The Girl Scouts publication The American Girl is another resource you might want to consult, along with The Financial Times and The Jewelers Circular for information on the financial markets before the Great Depression.


In 1927, the Sherlock Holmes novels came to a close, and Arthur Conan Doyle published The Complete Sherlock Holmes as a result (vol I and vol II). Some notable works include William Faulkner’s Mosquitoes and Willa Cather’s Death Comes for the Archbishop.

Yet, as always, the best time is spent looking through books from 1927 for hidden treasures. Look at the beautiful art deco designs in publications like Ideas & Studies in Stenciling & Decorating.

The Short Film Competition for Public Domain Day Include Works from 1925: celebrity movie archive’s newest

In honor of Public Domain Day, the Internet Archive issued a challenge for filmmakers to create short films utilizing newly accessible material from 1925. They found new freedom in being able to remix Greta Garbo-starring movie clips, flapper-themed magazine covers, and sheet music from well-known songs like “Sweet Georgia Brown,” all of which were freely available and reusable.

A spirit of whimsy, nostalgia, and fun was expressed in the 2-3 minute videos created for the competition using vintage visuals and sounds. All of them demonstrated innovation and possibility when materials are made available to the public, regardless of whether some were abstract or informative.

Celebrity Movie Archive Com

Amir Saber Esfahani, director of special arts initiatives at the Internet Archive, said, “The Internet Archive has spent 24 years gathering and preserving content from around the world…now is the time to see what others can do with it.” Together with Carey Hott, an art and design professor at the University of San Francisco, and Brewster Kahle, an Internet Archive founder, and digital librarian, he served as a judge for the short film competition in December.

A winner was selected after the judges evaluated 23 submissions for ingenuity, variety of 1925 content (with listings of all sources), and suitability for the occasion (fun, interesting and captivating). The license term that the author chose indicates whether or not these fresh works of art are likewise open to reuse.

Honorable Mentions of celebrity movie archive new

  • Yo Hey Look! by Adam Dziesinski, which combined film snippets where an actor’s attention was drawn to something, including a kid in a wicker pram, a lady dancing with a bob haircut, and a man laughing in a Bowler hat.
  • In 1925 Magazine Cover Reproduction, Michaela Giles created a time-lapse video of her drawing a profile of a woman that appeared on the cover of a historical periodical using oil pastels, pencils, acrylics, and pens.
  • Subhashish Panigrahi’s Public Domain Day provided a rudimentary explanation of copyright principles with text that was mixed with comic vignettes, vibrant artwork, and magazine covers.
  • Yeah, Sir! by Skevos Mavros was played. In his homage to Public Domain Day 2020, he performs songs like “That’s my Baby” and “Dreams” while playing amusing, slapstick movie clips and dancing sequences.
  • 25 Dad Anirvan Chatterjee’s collection of jokes from 1925 was compiled from old yearbooks from middle and high schools in Iowa, Pennsylvania, Massachusetts, Oregon, and California. “Why is the ocean so angry? ” is one of the corny jokes. “It’s been crossed too much,” and “What are the three words that are used in school the most frequently? I’m not sure.

Frequently Asked Questions On Celebrity Movie Archive

Q1. Is there a movie archive?

Gavin Rothery, making his directorial debut, wrote and directed the 2020 British science fiction movie Archive. Starring in it are Toby Jones, Timea Maday Kinga, Peter Ferdinando, Rhona Mitra, Theo James, and Stacy Martin.

Q2. Can a 14-year-old see an R-rated film?

Children under the age of 17 may still see movies with their parents or guardians despite the R rating.

Q3. Are the films on the Internet Archive legal?

Downloading free movies is another activity available at Internet Archive. It is completely legal to download these movies so you may view them offline on any of your devices in addition to streaming them.

Q4. How does the Internet Archive function?

A computer program that accesses websites, copies the content to a server at the organization, and organizes it by date is used by sites like and other sites. It is known as a “web crawler.”

Q5. Is downloading a movie illegal?

Indians need not worry; simply watching pirated movies online will not send you to jail. The Bombay High Court has declared that it is legal to view unlicensed content online, despite widespread confusion and fear among many Indians.

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