Wonder Woman – A film that defeats all superhero film.

Although there were many great movies coming out of the cinema recently, this year blockbusters’ season can still be summarized into one word: “superhero”. In May, Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2 have not disappointed us and made it the best opening for summer so far. Also in that month, we had our favorite superhero since childhood made his come back with Spider Man Homecoming. Then in June, we were lucky enough to witness the most important film of summer: Wonder Woman. Our superheroine has overcome her colleagues to earn the most money for the summer. Not just that, Wonder Woman earned enough to be the highest-grossing live action film which has a female director and was the savior for DC Universe.

Patty Jenkins has claimed her talent with the contract to keep directing the Wonder Woman sequel (the next one would be release in 2019). For now, she is negotiating her paid for the job with Warner Bros. Picture. Everyone wants her to get the appropriate amount comparing to her fellow male directors. It is not just a trend that men and women should be evaluated equally in this industry.

Wonder Woman

On the other hand, the Wonder Woman full movie has received mixed reviews, both from the fans and the critics. While the fans were quite excited and did not hesitate to express their love, most of the critics did not seem to be interested in the movie’s plot. But that was not a disadvantage at all. The mixed reviews made people curious. Wonder Woman surely did not have to be the world’s most favourable summer movie, but it did achieve pretty remarkable profit.

Wonder Woman

Back to the roles in the film industry, we can hardly find any prominent female names among the directors. Maybe Sofia Coppola, Kathryn Bigelow and Ava DuVernay are the most well-known movie directors to us. And for the TV series, we can not forget to mention legendary Michelle MacLaren, director of Game of Thrones and Breaking Bad. But that is it. It can be denied that a list of widely known female director can not be long. In the 89-year history of Oscar, there was only one winner and 4 nominates for Best Director belonging to women.

Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman is the symbol for feminism not only because of its female director but also thanks to the love of the audiences towards a superhero film with a female lead. Patty Jenkins and Gal Gadot sure have changed everyone’s mind. People normally automatically think of superhero movie as a men-made and for men only. But it is 2017 and things are quite different now. Wonder Woman has made its mark and people went crazy for it. There are records showing that there are people willing to see the movie the second and even the third time. This proved that Wonder Woman was well-made and very appealing. It was not only a global success but also a feminist.

Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman has proven that a superhero film did not need a male lead to be success. And a stereotypical romantic relationship which fell into common gender tropes was no necessary either. Diana Princess was surely strong and invincible on her own. Although she fell in love with Steve Trevor, she did not forget her way to save the world. Her whole life did not revolve around him, nor she was any supporting character in his story. Wonder Woman is about Princess Diana and about her only. It was her story that shine and her love was a piece that worked to enhanced it.

When I first went to see the film on the opening weekend with my friends, I could not help feeling excited and worried at the same time. The movie’s trailer was great. But I was nervous that Wonder Woman the character would either be overly sexualized or would be made to look like she couldn’t tackle the world on her own. But my negative feelings soon be put to rest as I sitting in the theater and watching the film. I was overcome by many emotions which I had not expected. I have always been a young female who has always been interested in pop culture mostly geared toward guys. That is why it felt so great to finally see a powerful female superhero on screen in her own story. What made me feel prouder was the fact that an actual Wonder Woman was behind it all. Petty Jenkins has made her point: she is a real life Wonder Woman.

About the movie itself, Wonder Woman was an empowering movie for women of all ages. It was also a film for everybody to enjoy that made it so important. A female character is universal, thanks to this movie. I can not wait to see other films like Wonder Woman will truly be universal and the production of female-led/female-directed films will be occurring more and more often. They will succeed. That can not be denied.

Some may say Wonder Woman was not their favorite film for this summer but that is OK. When we took the reflection on this year’s films so far, especially superhero film, Wonder Woman would be remembered for its groundbreaking success and push for female empowerment both inside and outside the world of Diana Prince.

Wonder Woman – A film that defeats all superhero film.
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