WOLF WARRIOR full movie part 2 – Intellectually repugnant and dramatically inert

The jingoistic Chinese action pack Wolf Warrior full movie part 2 is definitely not a innocuous piece of pro-military propaganda.

Wolf Warrior 2 full movie onlineThis is the second highest-gaining movie in all of Chinese history, and its characters’ sense of patriotism is formed by the back of racist suppositions that would, in a European or American narrative, be rightfully censured for being part of an awful “white savior” power thirst. In time, Wolf Warrior full movie part 2 might appear generously kitschy, though its main concepts about how only the Chinese military can save an unknown African nation from bloodthirsty native rebels and amoral European mercenaries, will always stay gross. After all, nothing dates faster than good intentions damaged by suffusing ignorance. But seeing Wolf Warrior online with an at-capacity gave me a thought of what it was like to watch nonsense like “Rambo II” back in the ’80s. Like Sylvester Stallone’s earlier famous work, Wolf Warrior full movie teaches you, beats you, then expects you to cheer.

The movie begins as a benignly silly and technically impressive meathead scene. Director Wu Jing continues his role as Leng Feng, a “Wolf Warrior” special ops officer who goes to an African country after being imprisoned in a two-year military jail for beating up a ruthless slumlord. Keep in mind that the place Leng travels to is never named, lest Leng’s shoot-’em-up craze get tied down by real-world details, or implications of exploitation that the movie’s four writers flirt with but never satisfactorily mention.

Wolf Warrior Full Movie Part II

Leng is very tough, as the movie’s intriguing, and technically satisfying opening scene proves. In a brilliant opening that’s made to imitate one uninterrupted long take, Leng stops a group of pirates from boarding his Africa-bound sea ship. Soon, Leng further proves his good faith as a manly guy by out-drinking locals (you can tell that he’s a real man because he, after gulping beers, takes out a bottle of high-proof Chinese baiju alcohol and continues chugging). Then he recues a group of Chinese exiles from a group of dreadful rebels by shooting and kicking the villains to bits. This shot is also promising as it involves a bit where Leng stops a flying grenade with a box-spring mattress, then gets rid of it so that it only damages a nearby (and conveniently vacant) car.

But Wolf Warrior full movie part 2 goes downhill once it gets sober. Leng makes contact with local Chinese military leaders, and starts rescuing noted humanitarian doctors Chen and Rachel (Celina Jade) from devious Big Daddy (Frank Grillo) and his fellow Caucasian assassins. Big Daddy and his crew are not instantly offensive. In fact, they’re originally defined by generically awkward characterizations. But in time, Big Daddy’s group shows a hugely unexamined element of good versus bad natural exploitation in any foreign military intervention in an under-developed nation. Yes, Big Daddy looks harmless when he promises Leng he will “always be inferior” to “people like” Big Daddy, or even when Big Daddy speaks for the movie creators when he shouts that that he was wrong about the Chinese army’s valor. Realistically, Big Daddy is a villain due to the fact that he’s an outsider who doesn’t care about the people he’s casually killing. Remember the way that Jing and his fellows don’t even focus on the motives of the rebel groups that Big Daddy leads. Big Daddy’s the real baddie because he’s not a truly exploiter.

Wolf Warrior Full Movie Part II

In contrary, Leng represents a fairly less troublesome but still show exploitative outside group that is only substantially different than Big Daddy’s as they think of themselves as equipped missionaries. Two of Leng’s colleagues even claim that they like Africa because of its “good food, excellent view and hot women” and it grants them the chance to shoot their guns. Leng stands out because, despite having been cast out of the military, he insists that “once a Wolf Warrior, always a Wolf Warrior.” Leng’s fellows are thus given the opportunity to see their mistakes simply by following Leng long enough to be inspired by him.

Leng might be a stirring or just harmlessly proud character if his sense of duty didn’t full of He-man chauvinism. Just notice at the behavior of the characters he’s saving or fighting. Notice how the Africans feast on their newfound savior by behaving like racist bunch of uncivilized foolish savages: they dance around an open bonfire while pounding on hand-drums. Look at Tundu, Leng’s stout African “godson” sidekick who sells illegal porn and eats a bunch. Look at Tundu’s mom, an oversized woman who breaks bottles and body-slams African rebels for her son’s safety. Tundu’s mom’s braveness might be a sign of her being a secret bad-ass, but her violent outbursts are for recreation. She’s a highlight, not a supporting character. She has no more depth than the African rebels killing Tundu’s victims. These guys scream, shoot and swear. There’s nothing more to them as the moviemakers do not take developing them for granted. How can you take an action movie’s claims to self-serious heroism seriously regarding all this concealed uncritical political exceptionalism?

Wolf Warrior 2

Wolf Warrior full movie part 2 isn’t just intellectually contradictory but also incredibly sluggish. Jing and his fellows continuously require that you take their characters’ speechifying and humanitarian actions at great price. Similar to that Leng contracts and is soon healed from the Lamanla virus, an assumedly incurable disease that has killed many African characters. Leng, a foreigner, is strikingly the first person to be healed from Lamanla thanks to Dr. Rachel’s use of Dr. Chen’s studies. But why do these characters deserve props when so much of their story diminishes into unpersuasive declarations of intent? Why are the action shots overly edited and filmed in a poorly rushed manner? How can I turn off my mind and enjoy the film as spectacle? Wolf Warrior full movie part 2 is for anyone who wants modern action films were like dreadful rip-offs of Rambo, only minus Stallone’s charms, and signified by Michael Bay-levels of stoic fetish for gun and military. Jing will get your blood up, not in a good way.

WOLF WARRIOR full movie part 2 – Intellectually repugnant and dramatically inert
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