Wolf Warrior Full Movie II – A Brief Explanation

Wolf Warrior Full Movie II – A success sequel to the 2015’s action-pack great sensational masterpiece features Chinese Special Ops agent Leng Feng on a rescue mission traveling to an unknown country in Africa, where he battles against the rebels and mercenaries.

Wolf Warrior Full Movie Part II

Wu Jing became a leading action name in Wolf Warrior, a 2015 installment he also in charge of directing. Wolf Warrior Full Movie II sets his Special Ops agent Leng Feng in Africa with the same results. A grand journey with impressive action work, it reminds us of right-wing B-films like Sylvester Stallone’s Expendables famous series.

As given through a flashback, Leng’s become a mercenary in Africa following an incident saving rural residents from the ill-willed developers forced him out of the army. In a thrilling if far-fetched opening scene, Leng almost singlehandedly protected a cargo ship from pirates. Set to seem like a single shot, Leng dives off the ship, overturns an armed speedboat and cleverly captures half a dozen or so pirates diving underwater.

Wolf Warrior Full Movie Part II

Then it takes place in an unknown port, where Leng bargains for goods, fools around with his adopted “godson”, and drinks until he is wasted to get his former lover Long Xiaoyun (Yu Nan) out of his mind, apparently murdered by rebels on a mission somewhere in Africa.

The drinking games, soccer matches, good-natured jokes and weakly sentimental flashbacks are definitely straight out of the Expendables’ playlist, sanitized slightly for the Asian industry. Jackie Chan is also a major influence, especially for his huge series of adventures around the entire globe from the 1990s.

Unfortunately, Wu Jing plays quite a bit stiff as an actor, better at punching in the bad guys’ face than breaking a convincing smile. His action moves are definitely great for this kind of genre, and Wolf Warrior 2 involves sprawling set-pieces that are the equal of Hollywood efforts. A rebel uprising that spreads out across a whole great city is sure especially effective.

But the film seems distracting, dry and humorless, especially in terms of its politics. Stallone toned down the gung-ho, anti-liberal, “Might is right” tone of The Expendables with relaxing comedy; Chan greatly attempted to not include politics. But Wolf Warrior Full Movie II is like a propaganda film, with Leng even waving a Chinese flag at one point to rightfully claim safe passage through a war zone.

Like Chan prior to him, Wu has his eye on the promising overseas markets. Most of the line in Wolf Warrior II is spoken in English. Frank Grillo (Captain America Civil War) is conspicuously cast as head mercenary “Big Daddy”. The score is by Joe Trapanese (Allegiant). Probably most importantly, the action direction is equally shared and harmonized by both Wai-leung Wong (Operation Mekong) and Sam Hargrave (Atomic Blonde). They add unique style and polish to even ordinary encounters.

The ending credits are accompanied by a teaser for Wolf Warrior Full Movie III, surely coupled with a Chan-inspired collection of bloopers and outtakes. While it’s a relatively huge advancement over its original installment, Wolf Warrior Full Movie II never triumphantly breaks out from its B-movie wall.

Wolf Warrior Full Movie II – A Brief Explanation
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