Wolf Warrior Full Movie 2 Review: Blasting with actions

It has only been two years since the initial Wolf Warrior full movie took off. In the movie, martial arts actor Wu Jing (in charge of both acting and directing) portrays Leng Feng, a rogue soldier with top gunman skills hired by the War Wolf, a special Chinese Special Forces Ops.

Wolf Warrior Full Movie Part II

Wolf Warrior Full Movie 2’s highlight moments involve Leng going head to head with Tom Cat (played by Scott Adkins), a deadly mercenary hired to track down and kill Leng. Following up from where the first movie left off, Leng Feng has since been dismissed from the Chinese Special Forces and set free after a two-year lock up in a military prison, for beating up a crooked boss who destroyed and tear down his own home town.

Wolf Warrior Full Movie 2 begins with a fantastic underwater fight scene (paying tribute to Jackie Chan’s First Strike although this time around despite having no shark and the comedy) in which Leng fights off pirates trying to take over a ship in African waters. The scene is consistent and underwhelming as Wu Jing has a chance to show off his highly-skilled moves while tying all the baddies together with only a single cord while skipping their punches and kicks.

Leng is now residing a quiet life in Africa, while trying to figure out what happened to his lover, Lieutenant Colonel Long Xiaoyun, reprised by Yu Nan (The Expendables 2). Colonel Long was known to be held hostage by a mysterious enemy and the only bit that Leng has to find out what happened to her is a special bullet which he wears around his neck.

All is peaceful and doing well for our protagonist as he spends time bonding with a young street peddler whom he has adopted and secured as his god-son and takes part in drinking games with the locals. When a civil war breaks out, Leng off to action to protect his god-son and a group of locals caught in between the intense cross-fire at a supermarket. Taking advantage of his combat skills and quick thinking, he leads them to the nearby Chinese Embassy where they will be secured. It is not long before Leng returns to his old path and volunteers to help to save an important character, Dr Chen, who owns the vaccination for the lethal Lamanla virus and Leng’s god-son’s mother.

Starting from this point then Leng stumbles across a deadly crew of mercenaries lead by heavy cigar smoking Big Daddy (the brilliant Frank Grillo in full villain mode) who murders Dr Chen just as Leng appears. What comes next in line is a non-stop roller coaster ride of combat brawl scenes including martial arts, stunt expert Heidi Moneymaker (whose credits involving doubling for Scarlett Johansson in the recent Marvel series movies) who has the opportunities to show off on screen with her fight scenes and engages in a shanty town, roof-top motorbike chase.

With only ten minutes after that we witness astonishing stunts and combat shots include seeing our hero taking out a whole team of deadly drones by using only poisoned arrows as weapons. The final brawl is a gigantic tank fight between Big Daddy in a tank and Leng only on foot.

Wolf Warrior Full Movie 2’s brilliant damsel-in-distress Dr Rachel Smith portrayed by the mesmerizing Celina Jade (Arrow) who previously starred with Wu Jing in his directorial debut Legendary Assassin, follows Leng Feng after he saves her along with Pasha, Dr. Chen’s daughter.

Although the Wolf Warrior Full Movie 2 takes place in Africa, there are no language or cultural barriers for the characters which adds to the movie’s international appeal. Captain America The Winter’s Soldier and Captain America  Civil War and Avengers Infinity War directors, the Russo Brothers were also on board to give advices and help bring the movie more of a Hollywood taste. Although Wolf Warrior Movie 2 does have a few disappointing plot holes, this can easily be passed as the main focus of the movie is the stunts and this is where the movie fully shines.

Wolf Warriors 2 is a blast to see and a good reminiscent to movies of the martial arts/action genre with tons of ballistic action set pieces and underwhelming moments. Don’t miss out a mid-credits scene (which hints that there could be a Wolf Warriors 3 following this one) as well as the movie’s hilarious bloopers and outtakes.

Wolf Warrior Full Movie 2 Review: Blasting with actions
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