White Gold Episode 1 Review: The Inbetweeners Have Grown Up but Not Much

The Inbetweeners’s cast – Joe Thomas and James Buckley – return in a brand new BBC comedy White Gold written and directed by The Inbetweeners’s creator Damon Beesley on May 24, 2017. The reunion of two of hapless foursome, the new series is expected to be a hit, and it transpires totally warranted.

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The jokes are similar, the characters are comfortingly familiar, and the cringe-factor is alive and kicking. They all set in the brilliantly niche yet universally accessible world of an Essex double-glazing salesroom in the 1980s. White Gold season 1  is more grown up than The Inbetweeners, but only slightly since it’s packed with puerile jokes and a childlike glee at a wide-ranging vocabulary for male genitalia. White Gold is everything fans have been missing since the second movie of The Inbetweeners.

As if to hammer home that they cannot and will not mature too much, within the first 10 minutes of the episode, Fitzpatrick (James Buckley) – essentially a mustachioed reincarnation of Jay from The Inbetweeners franchise – exposed his apparently sizeable package in what the viewers inferred must be his signature party trick in the testosterone-filled hyper-masculine world of White Gold movie.

In addition to Joe and James, Gossip Girl’s star has also been brought on board to add a slick of Hollywood swagger to the cast, and that star is Ed Westwick, even though, his status as a born and bred Londoner. With a penchant for egotistical roles, he somehow managed to bring an unfathomable likeability to lead character Vincent Swan. Vincent is morally bankrupt and quick to prove his lechery, retained a certain allure under Ed’s refreshingly witty command that seemed to share a knowing wink with viewers. Ed brought a subtlety to a fairly in-your-face kind of humor tempering The Inbetweeners-style awkwardness and providing the undoubtable highlight of the first episode.

The suave stylings that come with White Gold‘s setting and characters provides a delectable new field for Damon to mine for comedy and maybe even a touch of drama as the series continues. The 16-year-old Inbetweeners are gone, and in their place are a team of older but still infantile men obsessed with money, sex and suited and booted displays of virility. The title may be different and the comcept might have changed, but there’s Inbetweeners hidden inside White Gold that’s enough to satisfy the fans. Along with an endless supply of opportunity for the same quick fire, laugh-a-minute pay offs from the bottomless pit of humor that is Damon’s interpretation of Essex salesmen.

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White Gold Episode 1 Review: The Inbetweeners Have Grown Up but Not Much
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