Where to watch free movies online legally?

We all has those days where they  seek Netflix or Hulu, only to realize they’ve already watched every good movie the service has to offer. Few of us have actually seen all the movies on Netflix (is that even possible?) but it’s reasonable to look for other options when you just can’t find anything interesting. If you’re clever, you’ll grab your laptop and launch your browser, but what do you do next? There are millions of sites out there that (supposedly) offer high-quality versions of the latest movies, yet most are just as trustworthy as they are legal — i.e. not at all.

That’s why we’ve gather a list of sites where you can watch movies online without any charge, without breaking any laws or sabotaging your computer’s security. The following are some of the most trustworthy video-streaming services on the internet and, combined, they house more movies than you could watch free online in a lifetime. So get movies streaming — Jerry Maguire and The Thing will only be available for so long.

Crackle is owned by Sony, so it features a robust lineup of movies and TV shows in Flash format from Sony Pictures Entertainment. In the collection of full-length films, you’ll find a ton of blockbuster hits together with a generous smattering of obscure B-movies. There’s a diverse library of freebies, but rather than keeping free movies online on the site indefinitely, Crackle cycles through them, posting titles online for a limited period. Crackle is a great resource, even though the continuous interruptions from advertisers can get old pretty fast.

This one is really a no-brainer. Everyone knows that YouTube is the biggest video-hosting service in town, after all, and you probably already use the site for silly cat videos and footage of people getting hit with exercise balls. But you might not know that YouTube has a sizable collection of feature-length movies as well. Granted, the majority of these are B-list novelties, but there are a few quality flicks hiding in there — you just have to do a bit of digging.

More than just being free, Google-curated films, there are thousands of movies on the site that won’t show up unless you search directly for them. If you’re looking for a particular flick, especially an older one, it’s worth performing a quick search on YouTube to see if someone has posted it. These aren’t always uploaded by the film’s rights holders, and many of them are divided into episodes and playlists, but as they say, beggars can’t be choosers.

YouTube might be the biggest video-hosting site, but Vimeo is probably the best. Yeah, them’s fighting words, but Vimeo has the muscle to back ’em up. The site offers a clean layout that’s devoid of ads and benefits from an active user community that’s hugely considered more professional and constructive than YouTube’s. From this community emerges a lot of great original short and feature-length films. Vimeo also has an On-Demand section where users can purchase full-length movies and television shows. The most parts of these are independently generated by Vimeo users, but some offerings are produced by large studios as well. Either way, Vimeo is a great place to find free, high-quality movies.

Snagfilms is a video-on demand site that serves up a selection of movies you can’t find anywhere else on the web. Founded in 2008, it’s amassed around 10,000 independent documentaries and narrative films. There are a lot of rare gems to watch free movies online here, and as the founders have worked to establish dozens of partnerships, there are also tons of different streaming devices which support free SnagFilms; The service is currently available as a free app for iOS and Android, but it’s also compatible with various Roku devices, Kindles, and a host of other streaming devices. The main website is also a breeze to navigate.

Watch free movies online here: https://freemoviesz.online/

Where to watch free movies online legally?
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