Unlock the Secret of Jennifer Lawrence’s New Horror Movie, Mother!

The full trailer for Mother! was released leaving us more intrigued than ever. With hint from the trailer and plenty of extra details, it’s safe to say that something danger is coming, but we still have more questions than answers at this point.

Fans embarked on a quest to discern what exactly Mother! the movie is about, and surprisingly, they actually unearthed some fascinating stuff. These are what they have found.

Hints from the Title – Mother!

Mother! must have some sort of matriarchal structure to it, and it’s our job to figure out who the “mother” is. The answer lies on the site of Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF) as it listing Mother! with a description: “A young, pregnant woman (Jennifer Lawrence) busies herself in a vast, unfamiliar house, trying to renovate it into submission”.  We know that Lawrence is pregnant in the film, and she is the mother.

hidden in mother! poster

Still, there is a theory that Mother! can be a mysterious group of people trying to summon some sort of goddess or creature. This would explain some of the disturbing things that appear in the posters and the trailer.

Hints from Mother! Posters

There are two arresting and unsettling posters of Mother! having been released.

One shows Jennifer Lawrence with a on her chest, and in her hand, she holds her own heart. Her expression is almost completely blank, but there’s almost a sort of wonder or tranquility laced into it. On the left side, one flower seems to house an octagonal door knob, and that shape appears in many different ways throughout the trailer. On the right side, there is a frog which have lots of meaning.   It could be plagues or some sort of transformation. Also, if you zoom in on Lawrence’s eyes, you can actually see the reflection of another person.

hidden in mother! poster

The other one featuring Javier Bardem is even stranger. The chair is breaking apart. He is literally fired up with flame covering his face. Zooming in the mirrored ball he’s holding, you can just barely make out the image of a baby. This would reaffirm that maybe this whole thing is about Jennifer Lawrence trying to get pregnant.

There is a small object that appears in both posters. It looks like a lighter. If you look on Internet, you will find that the object is some sort of ancient rune called a Wendehorn. Things now begin to go crazy.

Diving Into the Wendehorn

If you use the runes as a jumping off point, you get somewhere pretty wild. Rune has been split in two: Leben-Rune and Toten-Rune, or in English, life rune and death rune. When you combine life rune and death rune, it’s called the Wendehorn, which is said to be a “complex and yet austere symbol that symbolizes the uniting and bonding of contrasts and disparities”

The rune is also associated with Freyja – the Norse goddess of “love, fertility, battle and death”. If we’re thinking fertility, this brings us right back to Mother!.

Perhaps, there is a group of crazies praying to Freyja to help Jennifer Lawrence bring a child into this world, or it could be they are trying to summon the goddess herself.

Hints from Mother! Trailer

We have learnt from the trailer that Lawrence and Bardem is living idyllic life in the countryside together. Suddenly, two strangers show up: a man and his wife. Bardem confirms not to know them, but they have pictures of him. Then, more people show up. Lawrence finds some weird things in the basement. By the end of the trailer, it seems pretty clear that, everyone, except for Lawrence, is in for something, and she’s trying to make sense of everything.

So far, that’s everything we have. Wendehorn remains to possibly be a key to all of it. Lawrence once teased that “the themes are just huge”, and what themes can be greater than life and death, light and dark, order and chaos? This is Darren Aronofsky’s Mother!  we’re talking about, so anything goes.

Unlock the Secret of Jennifer Lawrence’s New Horror Movie, Mother!
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