True Romance – A Full Movie Review

Cupid aims for the heart of London for the BFI’s Love season, which is featuring a ton of classic cinematic romances. Many of these titles are also getting a limited run in box office nationwide, including True Romance (1993) – a movie which unexplainably failed to find much of audience during its first publishing two decades ago.

True Romance full movie

True Romance full movie‘s writer and future auteur-in-the-making Quentin Tarantino had attempted to get his script off the ground for certain times, even pitching it as his own promising directorial debut, but turned out no help.

It was only after the growing cultural influence of Reservoir Dogs that Simpson and Bruckheimer’s student Tony Scott decided to go on board and make True Romance 1993 full movie his next project, ditching Tarantino’s then famous non-linear concept.

True Romance full movie

On paper the union shouldn’t have succeeded, yet Scott’s visual explosion somehow fit perfectly with his writer’s singular, cine-literate writings. Seeing True Romance in the modern times, what still resonates alongside Tarantino’s marked sadism (James Gandolfini indifferently sucker-punching Patricia Arquette is still as pleasing a scene as ever) is the movie’s fantasy-like, fairytale edge which is emboldened by both Scott’s dozy aesthetic and the stylized, pop culture-influenced dialogue.

Writing his script as a young and single film-obsessed video shop surveillance, Tarantino’s somewhat naive and idealized form of young love is what brings the movie its beating heart. That Alabama (Arquette), a beautiful, sweet hooker with a Farrah Fawcett flick could fall so hard and fast in love with the Elvis-worshipping comic-book geek Clarence (Christian Slater) indicates the ultimate wish-fulfillment of its creator, which comes as a dazzling, full-throttle flight of fancy on screen. A charming score by an uncharacteristically suppressed Hans Zimmer (paying huge tribute to the music from Badlands) further implies that intoxicating sense of blooming love.

True Romance full movie

The characters’ quick union and wild journeys never once hit a wrong note, mostly thanks to the extremely lovable lead performances and Tarantino’s capability in effectively persuading the old timid and isolated Clarence out of shell and giving him the chance to really shine for the first time – his newly-found graveness gained through his encounter with Alabama.

Before True Romance full movie‘s depressing blood-soaked ending, Clarence’s brilliant handling of the lovers’ deal to offload their bag of stolen drugs prompts the frightened Alabama to pass her husband a note with the movie’s signature line written on it (“you’re so cool”). This change in character reflects Tarantino’s own ascension – a movie-obsessive storming in from the wilderness and effortlessly taking on Hollywood on his own ways, while building a legion of loyal fans in the process.

True Romance – A Full Movie Review
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