True Romance full movie isn’t a Tarantino movie

Technically, True Romance full movie isn’t a Tarantino movie, though, he did help write it. The movie is filled with a little bit more innocent fun, toned down violence and cheesy eighties music. Even, it doesn’t pack a huge emotional punch, the movie still keep you entertained throughout its running time.

True Romance full movie 1993

Directed by Tony Scott, True Romance full movie is a real fun movie, but I still wonder what it would have been if Tarantino directed it.

There were a lot of violent moments in the movie, but they were edited in a more conventional way so that we didn’t see as much. The soundtrack would have been better. Even True Romance full movie 1993 did use some good songs, the score itself was really cheesy and eighties. During the final shootout scene, I was actually rolling my eyes about it. There was already enough emotion there, we didn’t need the music hammering it into us.

True Romance full movie 1993

Scott did change the ending because he liked the characters so much that he didn’t want them to die. If Tarantino had been directed, he would have set it up slightly differently with less happy ending as one of the protagonist die.

True Romance full movie starts and ends with Alabama’s (Patricia Arquette) voice over narration, very much in the style of Badlands. Alabama meets Clarence (Christian Slater) as she is hired to do so, and they immediately fall in love and get married the very next day. They really do love each other even when he finds out that she is a hooker, and they’re more partners in crime than Kit and Holly are. Then, the ghost of Elvis (Val Kilmer) comes and advises Clarence to kill Alabama’s pimp, so he goes to see Drexl (Gary Oldman). Samuel L Jackson plays one of Drexl’s associates, but his part is pretty small. The confrontation between Drexl and Clarence, which is pretty awesome and straight up Tarantino, end with violence as Clarence killing Drexl. Clarence gets away making sure to get a suitcase full of Alabama’s stuff, but the suitcase he grabs is actually full of cocaine. When he gets back home, he’s worried Alabama’s going to be mad at him because he’s technically a murderer now. She’s not but think it’s as romantic act. They have all this cocaine on their hands and they don’t know what to do with it. They go to get advice from Clarence’s dad (Dennis Hopper), who used to be a cop, and he tell them that Drexl’s bosses will going after them for the drug. They get out of dodge pretty quick and plan to sell the drugs before the mob catch up. The mob is definitely on their trail, and they show up at Clarence’s dad’s house after Clarence and Alabama have left. Then, the action shifts to LA where Clarence is getting in touch with his friend, Dick (Michael Rapaport), who can help them sell the cocaine. Brad Pitt has a hilarious role as Dick’s roommate, Floyd, who just sits around and gets high the whole time. He’s perpetually at their apartment, which is funny in itself, but he has some great lines too.

true romance full movie

All the while, Clarence and Alabama are being unbearably cute together. There’s a scene around this point in the movie where Alabama is left at the hotel alone and confront with a mobster (James Gandolfini). She holds her own quite well ending up smashing his head and stabbing him in the foot. It’s pretty impressive. All that’s really left is the final sell and the obligatory shootout. The most notable thing about the sell is that since they’re selling to a Hollywood producer, they talk about movies for a while and you don’t know when stuff is going to go down. They talk about the producer’s movie and how it compares to other Vietnamese movie. It’s a pretty entertaining conversation.

True Romance full movie is a very Tarantino movie, even if it’s not completely his. It’s a really fun movie with a large and impressive case and a whole host of colorful character and Badlands references. The dialogue was great throughout the film. The romance in question is really cute. Overall, True Romance 1993 is a really fun film, with a lot of the things that Tarantino’s known for, even if it doesn’t deliver on all of them.

True Romance full movie isn’t a Tarantino movie
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