TRUE ROMANCE Full Movie (1993) Review

True Romance full movie is not “Tony Scott does a Quentin Tarantino movie”, instead, True Romance is “Tony Scott does a Terrence Malick movie with Quentin Tarantino’s script”. There is a collision of names that absolutely should not be able to exist, but Tony Scott’s Malick picture it truly is.

Scott was doing it on purpose, and he comes right out and tells us he’s doing it on purpose in the second scene, which finds Patricia Arquette reciting voiceover narration in an airy, storybook registe while Hans Zimmer’s score taps out a melody best described as “the closest that you can get to the Orff music used in Badlands without actually running into copyright issues”. Badlands makes tells basically the same story as True Romance full movie 1993 and a lot more other movies: boy meets girl and they fall in love, then, boy’s casually amoral tendency towards crime puts the two lovers on the run.

True Romance full movie

Like Badlands, True Romance 1993 isn’t really about being on the run, it’s about the central lovers have any inkling that they’re being chased. Of course, neither Scott nor Tarantino are interested by the same things as Malick, so the form that this idyll takes is hugely different. Still, a romantic idyll it is, and in this at least we know that it’s all Scott.

The lovers of True Romance full movie are Clarence Worley (Christian Slater), an Elvis enthusiast and comic book shop employee, and Alabama Whitman (Arquette), who meets cute with him at a Sonny Chiba marathon. It quickly turns out that she’s a call girl hired by his boss to give him a good time on his birthday. The fact doesn’t break their love. They end up getting married and he’s gone on a bit of a murder spree against her former pimp, Drexl Spivey (Gary Oldman), then, he accidently steals a huge pile of coke. This puts Clarence and Alabama on chase by the gangsters.

true romance full movie

It’s not a terribly great crime thriller; although, my personal favorite scene is absolutely in that mode where the cops try to put a wire in Clarence’s big drug deal. It is both wholly comic, crackling well-assembled, and a terribly fun wallow in trashiness and excess without anything morally redemptive in the whole thing. A combination of Tarantino’s cracker dialogue and Scott’s glamorous, handsome mounting of the same makes it a sharp, snappy movie, thoroughly kinetic and sleek without drifting.

True Romance full movie is a collection of beloved actors: Christopher Walken, Brad Pitt, Dennis Hopper, James Gandolfini, and Samuel L. Jackson. They are the biggest names to join in few scenes. The focus of the film is solely on Clarence and Alabama.

True Romance full movie


Talking about cast, not every performance is equally great. Oldman is the unambiguous standout, as a genuinely terrifying monster, but then you have Tom Sizemore being completely uncertain what kind of movie he’s in. Sizemore’s famous and beloved “Sicilian Scene” impresses me not at all, except insofar as it demonstrates that Tarantino’s naughty schoolboy approach to using racial taboos was present at the very start of his career. Most of the characters are all flat and stereotypical, but they’re kind of meant to be since this is a road trip movie about two intoxicated lovers drifting through a Wonderland of low-life caricatures.

true romance full movie

Frankly, the only thing that goes wrong with the movie is Slater, an unappealing actor in the best circumstances whom Scott had no handle on whatsoever. The best I can say about him is that he’s pretty able at delivering even the most maddeningly stylized dialogue the script throws at him with aplomb. However, he sucks a lot of the life out of True Romance 1993 full movie.

True Romance full movie 1993 is at such a fever pitch in all other ways that the failure of its central character ends up being an irritation, but not a film-crippling problem. With a better actor, or at least a slightly more scaled-down performance, there’s a version of True Romance movie that’s Scott’s best film and one of the finest morally nihilistic crime adventures of the ’90s. Even in this state, it’s quite a lot of fun, if vigorously shallow.

TRUE ROMANCE Full Movie (1993) Review
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