True Romance 1993 is a celebration of film

From humble beginnings, this fast, freaky and extremely funny road movie scripted by Quentin Tarantino has become a modern classic. In 1993, Quentin Tarantino was rising-up talent in cinema industry with his interesting scripts. His Reservoir Dogs had smashed indie box-office records, the next wonder – Pulp Fiction – was in production and his early scripts were being snapped up by studios including a matching pair of Badlands that inspires lovers-on-the-run thrillers.

True Romance full movie is a showcase of Tony Scott and Quentin Tarantino celebrating their cinematographic talent.

 true romance 1993 free movie

At that time, Oliver Stone’s Natural Born Killers had everything to make a big hit: an Oscar-winning director, an ultra-hip cast, a script that smartly satirized reality TV and media madness. True Romance, on the other hand, looked like nothing but a B-rated movie; its director, Tony Scott, had barely recovered from the debacle of Days of Thunder, Christian Slater was on the slide down the hill off his career and Patricia Arquette was no one to audiences compared to her big sister Rosanna. However, only greatness lasts forever. Nowadays, audiences find it harsh to watch Natural Born Killers since for them, it is a garish, tasteless, brick-in-the-face satire; and True Romance has become a model of classic modern movie: a rocket-fuel romance between a Detroit comic geek and a Hollywood hooker leading them to hit the road on a stolen car full of cocaine. The script is almost perfect with ignorable flaws; it attracts audiences from the big speeches ‘Hundreds of years ago, the Moors conquered Sicily…’ to the string of genius one-liners ‘You … you want me to suck his dick?’. The line is too funny that you can forgive Tarantino’s sleazy strain of nerd-boy wish-fulfilment.

True Romance can’t be that remarkable with only Tarantino’s script, Scott’s direction is what makes a flare become spotlight. His directing talent has merged the heart-melting love and unbearable violent so perfect that the transition from love to brutal doesn’t break the stride. The movie has its unique shameless way of exploiting excessive violence, over-acting, melodrama, lurid sex, and rampant drug use.

Scott brought into True Romance an irreplaceable cast making the movie filled up with crunchy punch-ups, moments of real and honest emotion. Christian Slater and Patricia Arquette gave their solid performances, which prevents the movie from flying off the tracks. They has served their best as the pilot light. The rest of the cast also made a great contribute to the success of the movie. Their performance is so perfect that we may think that they are their characters in real life. The Walkens/Hoppers showdown has been off sighted as the film’s best aspect. Sparks actually shoot out of the screen and burn people about the head and shoulders. We also got Val Kilmer as the ghost of Elvis, Brad Pitt as a disgruntled pot-smoking loser, Tom Sizemore & Chris Penn as cops, James Gandolfini (pre-Sopranos) as a reflective hitman, and we even got Bronson Pinchot (from TV’s PERFECT STRANGERS) for God’s sake.

True Romance 1993 is a celebration of film
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