Looking Back at Tony Scott’s True Romance full movie 1993

Penned by Quentin Tarantino, True Romance full movie 1993 is simply a love story with numerous layers. The movie focuses on the experiences of a comic book store worker, Clarence (Christian Slater), and a prostitute, Alabama (Patricia Arquette). Clarence meets Alabama as a treat from his boss on his birthday and is initially unaware that Alabama’s profession is the oldest one in the world. Eventually, they fall in love.

True Romance full movie 1993

In a tribute of his work at L.A Film School organized by Jeff Goldsmith, Tarantino has shared some thoughts on Scott and True Romance full movie 1993. “One of the things that’s actually been kind of gratifying about reading all of this internet stuff, where everyone’s talking about their favorite Tony Scott movie, is people were not saying that in 1990”, he said. “People used to [say] ‘Oh, he’s a commercial hack. His stuff is bullshit.’ And I loved his shit. I thought it was fantastic”, he address Scott’s effect on True Romance full movie 1993, “Even when True Romance 1993 got good reviews, they wouldn’t give Tony the credit for the good reviews. They would actually say that he glossed up my script — that he made it too pretty. He made it too vivid.” 

In fact, Tarantino had intended to direct the movie himself. However, since at that time, Tarantino didn’t have enough reputation to direct a movie on his own, he sold it along with Natural Born Killers following the success of Reservoir Dogs.

true romance full movie

That initially leads to his displease with Tony Scott’s decision to change both the narrative structure of the movie and the ending. Still, Tarantino was some kind of happy to see how the movie turned out to be, and that Scott’s decision to let Clarence and Alabama live at the end gave it a classic Hollywood love story conclusion.  If you are by any chance reading the original script, I’m probably sure that you’re going to be with Scott on his changes.

It’s dialogue being the focus in pretty much all of Tarantino’s movies. Therefore, the highlight in True Romance full movie  is the dialogue between a mob, Vincenzo Coccotti (Christopher Walken), and Clarence’s dad, Clifford Worley (Dennis Hopper). It’s well-written, greatly-acted and perfectly-directed scene. That sceen is beautifully played out and becomes reference when people discussing the movie. In that scene, Clifford’s situation is hopeless, but he reacts spectacularly. Instead of giving up his son and begging for his life, he decides to mess with Coccotti by mocking his Sicilian heritage.

true romance full movie

Still, there are two other moments with similar set ups that deserve kudos, and one of them is the confrontation between Clarence and Alabama’s pimp, Drexl Spivey (Gary Oldman). It is shorter by some margin in compared with the Hopper Walken showdown but almost as memorable. Another one is Alabama’s confrontation in her hotel room with Virgil (James Gandolfini). Her situation is similar to Clifford in the earlier scene, but it plays out very differently. She’s subjected to some incredibly brutal violence, but ultimately comes out on top. It’s a well-formed scene, and one that showcases Patricia Arquette’s range as an actress.

In one or another way, you may find that True Romance full movie 1993 has something similar to Terrence Malick’s Badland. The movie hits similar plot points, has a similar voiceover and elements of the score match that of the 70s movie. It’s hard to say that this is intended to be anything other than completely obvious. Not only has the script had a sense of similarity to something else, the theme also makes you feel that way.

Hans Zimmer’s theme is clearly based on Carl Orff’s Gassenhauer. Mentioning about the theme reminds me about the movie’s soundtrack lacking Tarantino‘s typical panache. When you listen to it in isolation, the songs play out like a perfect mix tape.

True Romance full movie 1993 really is an incredible piece of work, a movie that delivers on a visual front as well as having an engaging narrative with flawed yet likeable protagonists who are easy to root for. It also features a host of memorable secondary characters who are fleshed out by a frankly outstanding cast.

As one of the finest movies of the 90s, True Romance full movie is a highpoint of Tony Scott’s career as a director, and Tarantino as a writer.

Looking Back at Tony Scott’s True Romance full movie 1993
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