Thor Ragnarok – All We Know So Far About The Marvel’s Upcoming Hit (Part 2)

On the previous part, we have provided you quite a lot of crucial details on Thor Ragnarok full movie. Let’s dive in for more as we continue our list with more surprises that you could not miss.

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7. Doctor Strange will have a role

Doctor Strange will apparently have a substantial role in the soon-to-be-released Thor Ragnarok movie. Reported by a newsletter from Disney’s D23 official fan club:

If you would love even more intergalactic, world-saving stunt, Thor Ragnarok releases in November brings together Thor, the Hulk, and Doctor Strange to battle against intergalactic malicious villains both familiar and new.

This was further confirmed when Doctor Strange was included into the universe of Thor in the end-credits sequence taking place after the Sorcerer Supreme’s solo arc. From here, he promises to own “a large role”.

8. Odin’s role

When we last left Asgard, Loki had taken over the throne, with Odin nowhere to be seen. But now that the end is approaching, odds are our hero is going to need help from the Allfather before it’s too late.

A recent set image shared on Instagram appears to indicate that Odin has been banished to Earth and is living homelessly in the streets of New York. In Norse mythology, he’s also the very one who brought about the serpent who would commence Ragnarok, making him that much more essential in the overarching tale (if Waititi intends to rely closely on the mythology).

9. A taste of Taika Waititi’s directorial style

Despite being conspicuously missing out during Captain America Civil War full movieThor still managed to keep himself busy. A brief directed by Waititi indicated as much too, showing the thunder god residing in Australia with his flatmate, Darryl, and technically trying to kill time. All in all, it’s a ridiculous glimpse at the style of directing we’ll see in Ragnarok, while sating our need to see more of Thor before Thor Ragnarok releases.

10. The return of Darryl

As part of the DVD and Blu-ray releases of Doctor Strange, Waititi brought us back to the world of Thor and Darryl. In this short, Thor considers getting a job, hiring a help, and generally being a jerky, fantastic flatmate. If this is the type of tone we’ll be engaging in Ragnarok, you can count us in.

11. Thor sports a new haircut in promo photos from the set

Usually, Chris Hemsworth has grown long blond hair to portray Thor, dating all the way back to the first movie he ever took part in. Thor Ragnarok trailer introduced a brand new look for the mighty thunder god, with Hemsworth now having a much shorter haircut.

Obviously it’s not a huge plot point, but it’s still worth mentioning, especially with this film bucking many other common Marvel tropes.

12. The first footage is leeked at CinemaCon

Footage shown recently at CinemaCon in Las Vegas featured Thor in a gladiatorial arena, “standing on the shoulders of the Incredible Hulk and fighting for their lives”. It’s announced that “The hero will also apparently put on the winged helmet that’s so often missing from the big screen”, and, “where action shots often have practical concerns that trump the desire to have the full costume involved”.

13. Marvel releases Thor Ragnarok first teaser trailer, and it couldn’t be more amazing

Finally, Marvel has granted us the first run of public ad for Thor Ragnarok trailer, and it’s everything fans could have ever asked for. A generally gloomy tone at the beginning of the teaser is balanced out by a ridiculously laugh-out-loud sequence in the ending, as Thor and the Hulk reassemble in an alien gladiatorial arena.

Thor Ragnarok – All We Know So Far About The Marvel’s Upcoming Hit (Part 2)
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  • pamala

    Hemsworth’s delivery of “errr, what?!” is absolutely priceless, hinting at why Guardians of the Galaxy director James Gunn proclaimed Thor: Ragnarok movie as the funniest Marvel movie to date.

  • namrosi

    Taika Watiti is the latest director to incorporate a healthy dose of comedy onto the big screen after Deadpool and Antman found the mix of action and humor to be a winning combination.

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