Thor Ragnarok – Is The Last Infinity Stone Hidden In Thor’s Hammer?

The Thor Ragnarok trailer just recently came out and fans all over the world are celebrating. Teasing a new, neon-infused style from the 1980s, Ragnarok breaks out of the mold of previous Thor movies, promising to change the God of Thunder, and the Marvel Cinematic Universe for good.

There are lots of major moments showing in the trailer – Asgard being destroyed by Hela, Valkyrie’s impressive entrance, Thor meeting his old buddy Hulk – so it’s easy to miss those crafty clues that set up an interesting situation for upcoming Marvel movies.

We all know the concept by now: Every MCU movie sets up another part of the universe, even in a small way, aligning all the pieces on the board for the epic clash between Thanos and the Avengers in Infinity War next year. Although Thor Ragnarok is mostly considered a standalone movie, it will relate into Avengers Infinity War somehow, and it now seems more likely that Ragnarok will reveal the location of one of the final Infinity Stones. Watch the trailer again and see if you can spot it:

There are loads of theories as to where the final two Infinity Stones could be. By now, the Marvel movies have revealed the location of four gems, leaving two more undetermined. Thanos’s scheme is to collect these stones and put them in his tailor-made Infinity Gauntlet, which would offer him ultimate power over the cosmos. So far, all the known gems are in safe hands, but what about the final two? Thor Ragnarok may have just hinted us where one of them is, and it’s somewhere none of us could have expected.

Is The Soul Gem Hidden In Thor’s Hammer?

There is not much information about Mjolnir. Odin  was implied by Odin that Thor’s Hammer was made “in the heart of a dying star” in the first Thor movie though this opposes the comic origin which stipulates that the hammer was made by Dwarven blacksmiths. Mjolnir is amazingly powerful, offering the owner “all the power of Thor” – abnormal strength, ability to flight, and control over lightning.

Still, we don’t know exactly for what reason the hammer was made, and who made it. So could it be hiding the Soul Gem? This is a reasonable possibility. As Hela shattered Mjolnir in the Ragnarok trailer, there is a bright light shining from within the hammer can be seen, which could mean that an Infinity Stone is probably hiding inside.

Thor's Hammer

Hela squeezes the hammer hard in his hand, breaking its external structure and revealing the bright power inside it. This is extremely tempting, raising so many questions: Why does the core of Mjolnir glow? And what gives the hammer its power? So here’s a theory: the Soul Gem is contained inside Mjolnir. And this actually explains a lot about the hammer, especially the nature of its power.

Thor's Hammer

Fans know that the Infinity Stones have rare and amazing powers, and that they belong to goodness, and corrupt those who are already bad. In Guardians of the Galaxy, the gem inside the Orb could only be controlled when the Guardians of the Galaxy all worked together while in The Avengers, Loki was corrupted further by the Scepter and in Avengers Age of Ultron, the Mind Gem grants Vision life and emotions.

Thor's Hammer

Therefore, if Mjolnir does contain the Soul Gem then this could explain why someone must be worthy in order to control it as the stone is, in some strange way, choosing its owner. This would also explain why the hammer grants Thor his powers rather than him having natural superpowers.

But why the Soul Gem in particular? The T.H.A.N.O.S. theory comes in to help.

T.H.A.N.O.S: The Key To The Gems’ Locations

Thor's Hammer

This fan theory has been largely discussed for a few years now, and even though at first it seemed a little strange, the movies have slowly been proving the theory right. The concept is that the location of each stone relates to a letter in Thanos’s name, as the below infographic describes:

It’s true. The Infinity Stones’ containers do spell out Thanos: We have the Tesseract (Captain America The First Avenger), the Aether (Thor The Dark World), the Orb (Guardians of the Galaxy), and the Scepter (The Avengers). Doctor Strange later checked another Infinity Stone off this list – the Eye of Agamotto housed the Time Gem, and because the Eye was technically a necklace, that also goes with the theory. And there’s the letter H, meaning the location of the final gem seems to start with that letter. And guess what letter “hammer” starts with.

Yes, it’s still just a theory, but put this together with the Thor Ragnarok trailer, and it’s starting to seem more and more reasonable that the Soul Gem is hiding inside Thor’s hammer. The nature of the Soul Gem in particular could explain the great aspect, as each gem has different properties corresponding with its name, it may very well be that the Soul Gem tests the purity of a person’s soul, so only those who are worthy may control it.

If Mjolnir really contains the Sould Gem, this concept would tie in with Avengers Infinity War, reminding viewers about the importance of the Infinity Stones without revealing Ragnarok’s plot. It could be that Hela doesn’t recognize Mjolnir’s cosmic significance, leaving the Soul Gem untouched — and vulnerable to Thanos.

For certain, there are other theories with another most likely location for the gem being Hela herself  it would definitely be more fascinating for one of the Infinity Stones to have been hiding in near our heroes all along. At least we don’t have too long until we find out in Thor ragnarok soon!

Thor Ragnarok – Is The Last Infinity Stone Hidden In Thor’s Hammer?
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