The Truman Show (1998) Movie Review

The Truman Show is a 24/24 reality TV show broadcasting every aspect of Truman Burbank’s life without him knowing about that. His entire life has been an unending soap opera for consumption by the rest of the world, and everyone he knows is really an actor paid to be part of his life.

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The Truman Show full movie is a welcome surprise as it’s the one of its own. Over the years, there have been many satires about the power of television, but none has taken this route. The movie’s director, Peter Weir, has wed this cautionary tale about media strength with a surprisingly affecting drama about one man searching for the meaning of life. The only thing I wonder is whether something this quirky will be able to find a large enough audience to justify the budget.

The story is around Truman Burbank (Jim Carrey) being the star of the most popular show in the history of television. It has been aired for 10,909 days using 5000 cameras to show every moment in every day of the life of Truman. The public loves it as there being Truman addicts going to sleep with the TV on and having sets installed in the bathroom so they don’t miss anything when they’re taking a bath. Every individual in The Truman Show movie is an actor/actress except the lead character himself. While everyone around Truman is playing their part, he is cheerfully ignorant about the truth. Everything seems to be all real, and his obliviousness to the situation gives the program its core appeal that there’s nothing counterfeit about Truman. One day, when a former member of the cast sneaks back onto the set with a warning for the star, Truman begins to suspect that appearances can be deceiving.

The Truman Show full movie

Paramount Pictures clearly used The Truman Show movie as an example of their summer counterprogramming. There were questions about the success of the movie before it hit theatres including “Is Jim Carrey’s draw strong enough to pack theaters showing this movie, especially when his role here is light years away from the zany character he usually plays? or “How badly will marketing The Truman Show movie as a comedy hurt the movie when viewers realize that’s not what it is?” These questions lie at the heart of the picture’s hope for success.

For Jim Carrey, The Truman Show full movie proves to be an eye-opener. Not only does Carrey remain rigidly-controlled and reigned in, but it would be fair to call his performance both understated and effective. Exhibiting the charm and charisma of a Tom Hanks or a young Jimmy Stewart, Jim Carrey develops the sort of likable personae that a movie of this sort needs to succeed.

The Truman Show is actually too short while most of other movies are too long. A considerable amount of worthwhile material goes unexplored. Audience would like to know more about the personal pressures faced by the actors in “The Truman Show” and more about the incredibly complex logistics of controlling and filming the entire life of one man. Narratively, the movie is a little rough around the edges and the flow may be off a little, but it’s not difficult to follow what’s going on.

The Truman Show movie

The Truman Show uses an interesting approach of intercutting documentary interviews and lengthy excerpts from the program with “real life” footage of the director and behind-the-scenes people. This isn’t the first movie apply this technique, but the Weir uses it to good effect, and it works well in the context of this movie. As far as overt satire and comedy go, the obvious use of product placements gets some of the biggest laughs and several of the “fear of travel” posters are hilarious.

The Truman Show movie deserves high marks as an intriguing, well-written piece of entertainment and a mild social commentary. Not everything in the movie works, and the script isn’t perhaps as deep or incisive as it would be for us to believe, but there’s enough to mark The Truman Show as a worthwhile motion picture.

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The Truman Show (1998) Movie Review
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  • orenvan

    Yes, the truman show full movie, does have its over the top comedic moments, but there is moments where Carrey is left to be vulnerable and as a viewer I wasn’t laughing, but felt the discomfort with him. The narrative obviously is a very strong and interesting one, but has its flaws.
    The narrative feels flawed, but in reality isn’t. The fact that we don’t know a lot of what’s going on is due to Truman really not knowing what’s going on. Why we don’t know a lot about his character and his life is because he himself doesn’t know. He simply repeats the same boring mundane experiences daily.
    The true problem I had with this film is the love interest at hand. She isn’t stretched out so much. The film wants to have the sub-plot of their love be an important one, but it fails to reach any conclusion that is meaningful. I do love when films leave off on cliffhangers, but there was never enough time for them to gain a strong bond for me to really ponder.
    Regardless, this film is smart. Everything unfolds and we are witnessing the oddities right when Truman is himself. Everything is so structured and formatted. Throughout the film I, myself felt the anxiety that he felt with the inability to leave and the uncertainty of what was going on.
    In the end, this is an modern classic. Not only does it provide with entertainment, but it leaves a message about society and how we push the boundaries for our own entertainment. Also, just a note: truman show full movie was Black Mirror before Black Mirror.

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