The Good Doctor 2017 full movie: A medical drama from House experts

Pick of the day: The Good Doctor 2017 movie, 8.45pm, Seven.

Since it premiered in the US last month, The Good Doctor full movie starring Freddie Highmore has swept the Nielsen ratings, surpassing fellow dramas NCIS and This is Us, and even eclipsing comedy juggernaut The Big Bang Theory when time-shifted viewing is included.

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Created by David Shore of House fame and adapted from a 2013 South Korean series, the series debut tonight tells the story of aspiring surgeon Shaun Murphy, played by Highmore (who starred most recently in the long-running Psycho prequel series Bates Motel).

Murphy is autistic with savant syndrome, we are told. He wants to be a surgeon because he lost his brother in a fatal childhood accident. As such, this would seem to be a terribly hackneyed conceit, used before across countless dramas and procedurals.

But in the hands of Shore, and with actors of the calibre of Richard Schiff (The West Wing), who plays hospital president Aaron Glassman, it somehow works. Part of the explanation is the compelling action, such as the opening scene where Murphy is late to his interview at San Jose St Bonaventure Hospital after heroically saving the life of a young boy whose artery has been slashed in an airport accident.

When presented with a medical mystery, compelling anatomical visualisations compensate for Murphy’s blank stare, as his mind filters the probabilities of different diagnoses. But, rather predictably, it is his bedside manner and ability to work as part of a team that cause the most conflict.

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It is an even bet whether local audiences will side with the show’s critics or join the more than 18 million American fans.

In a small concession to Halloween, check out the often bizarre but engaging documentary Horror Movie — A Low Budget Nightmare (ABC, 9.30pm). It follows filmmaker Craig Anderson as tries to turn his life around by making an micro-budget horror feature.

And these are seven reasons why The Good Doctor is fall TV’s only breakout show

The Good Doctor (Mondays at 10 p.m. on ABC/7) is a good show. Of equal note, it’s a hit show, and the only breakout of the fall season. About a surgical resident named Shaun Murphy (played by Freddie Highmore) who has autism, The Good Doctor 2017 full movie has been gaining more than 17 million viewers so far this season, passing “This Is Us” and even prime-time champ “NCIS.”

How did this happen? Let’s count the ways:

It’s “House.” Of course, “TGD” is not exactly “House” — the huge Fox hit that ended in 2012 — because it’s based on a Korean show. But “House” is in its DNA. “House” showrunner David Shore developed this for ABC, and at least two “House” producers (Thomas L. Moran and David Hoselton) are among the executive producers. Then there lie the comparisons between “House” star Hugh Laurie and Highmore: both are English, both graduated from Cambridge, both top-class actors.

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It’s about bias and prejudice. There’s never not been a good time to explore this subject, but “TGD” comes at it in a particularly novel way. The other residents at San Jose St. Bonaventure — including chief of surgery Marcus Andrews (Hill Harper) and attending surgeon who oversees the residents Dr. Neil Melendez (Nicholas Gonzalez) — have all had to overcome bias in their own lives and careers. Now they must wrestle with their biases against Murphy. The reversal perfectly explores the idea of what a “good doctor” is (or isn’t) but also what a good person is.

The Good Doctor full movie got cool graphics.

Hey, who doesn’t love cool graphics? The special effects transpose Murphy’s thoughts onto the screen, and suddenly you’re inside his head. “House” and “CSI” mastered this technique a quite a while now, but “TGD’s” stunning graphics are at least educational.

The Good Doctor movie 2017 got cool dialogue.

Hey, who doesn’t love cool dialogue? You actually learn stuff by watching “TGD,” or at least imagine you do. The dialogue is a constant patter of med-talk, much of it bracing if unintelligible. Remember Murph’s insta-diagnosis a couple of episodes ago: “We could manage the clotting risk preoperatively with an infusion of unfractionated heparin,” he said brightly. (Mmmm, unfractionated heparin.) Last week we learned about a “reboa,” otherwise known as a resuscitative endovascular balloon occlusion of the aorta.

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THE GOOD DOCTOR – ÒSacrificeÓ – Members of the hospitalÕs surgical team are initially impressed with a charming young doctor, but his true character puts one of them in an awkward position at work. Meanwhile, Dr. Glassman feels Dr. Shaun Murphy needs a little more support with his personal life and suggests he meet with a therapist. However, Shaun is determined to show him that he can do it on his own, on ÒThe Good Doctor,Ó MONDAY, DEC. 4 (10:00-11:00 p.m. EST), on The ABC Television Network. (ABC/Eike Schroter)

The Good Doctor full movie got a terrific cast.

First among equals finds Richard Schiff —Dr. Aaron Glassman, hospital president — who is the Wilson (Robert Sean Leonard) to Shaun Murphy’s Gregory House. Then there are the savvy veterans Hill and Gonzalez, followed by British newcomers Chuku Modu (who plays Dr. Jared Kalu) and Antonia Thomas (Dr. Claire Browne). Thomas — who was featured in the Brit TV hit “Misfits” — is the big breakout here.

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The Good Doctor 2017 full movie: A medical drama from House experts
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