The Boss Baby HD Online (2017): Which Genius Cast Alec Baldwin as a Baby?

The Boss Baby HD Online is a movie from DreamWorks Animation starring Alec Baldwin as a talking baby who wears a suit whilst infiltrating an unsuspecting family and seemingly ruining the life of the only child, Tim (Miles Christopher Bakshi).

I expected nothing more than a very basic and formulaic animated movie that wouldn’t offer much amusement for anyone outside of its main target audience. However, The Boss Baby HD Full Movie Online makes me surprise as I actually coming out having somewhat enjoyed what I saw. Obviously, as a kid-focused movie, it’s going to have a fairly straightforward plot with occasional fart and poop joke. However, this movie actually offered more for a family audience.

The plot was actually somewhat enjoyable, even the ending is pretty predictable, the journey was actually quite fun. Also, The Boss Baby HD Full Movie does some pretty cool and creative stuff with the animation making for some pretty fun sequences .In terms of the humor, there was actually a fair amount spread pretty evenly throughout the film that provides some measure of entertainment for an older audience accompanying kids to the cinema.

The Boss Baby HD Full Movie Online

There were some good laughs spreading throughout The Boss Baby HD Full Movie , most of them are result of Alec Baldwins quick wit. It’s no doubt to say that the casting of Alec Baldwin as the Boss Baby is great choice. His comedic timing and wit was great in providing the occasional laugh out loud moment. Just hearing his voice come from the mouth of a baby was somewhat amusing on its own. Aside from Baldwins input, the rest of the humor is mainly slapstick stuff where a small handful of moments were fine but the majority of it was just there for the kids.

Jimmy Kimmel and Lisa Kudrow play the parents and they were fine in their very limited roles. Steve Buscemi plays the villain of the movie and I thought his voice fit the role and is made for a pretty decent character whose evil mastermind plan was pretty questionable.

The Boss Baby HD Full Movie Online

The Boss Baby HD Full Movie is paced pretty well and it stays relatively consistent helping you to follow. I was invested in the story, it’s obviously nothing of the ‘high concept’ sort but it was different and interesting enough to not getting me bored. The clashing between Boss Baby and Tim made the journey a bearable one paying off in the end. The movie’s theme is about the importance of family and it blended in the movie in a subtle way that doesn’t drag the movie down.

An animation department that is in charge of this movie deserves an applause. Throughout the movie, there are sections they completely change up the animation style to fit the tone of what is happening at that moment. What they have done was pretty cool to see.

In the end, The Boss Baby HD Full Movie is not going to blow you away and becomes your favorite animated movie of the year. Still, it will amuse you in boring days to come.

The Boss Baby HD Online (2017): Which Genius Cast Alec Baldwin as a Baby?
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