The Amazing Spider Man 2: triggering your spidey sense

I’m for Willem Dafoe and James Franco on the event of Spidey’s return to multiplexes last year, merely five years since studio Sony screwed up Sam Raimi’s Spider Man 3. The hero really should have been granted at least years off for bad behavior before making a comeback in The Amazing Spider Man 2, a carefully made film that however failed to make the case.

the amazing spider man 2

Younger generation may not have watch 2002’s Spider Man ; let’s assume they’re going to experience a great amount of superhero nostalgias when it comes to the screen. With luck, Marc Webb’s next sequel, currently named simply The Amazing Spider Man 2, will set things straight.

the amazing spider man 2

If nothing changes, the sequel succeeded in rebooting the timeline after the poor reception for Raimi’s final movie, with its much demonic villains and emotional Peter Parker. With great if painfully familiar details like the death of Uncle Ben and Parker’s feud with Flash Thompson now out of the way, the plot can move into a brand new start.

The Amazing Spider Man 2 appeared obsessed with connecting anything remotely wicked in the new Spider Man mythos to Norman Osborn’s tricky corporation. A post on the Daily Bugle website hints that it’s more of the same in this movie.

the amazing spider man 2

Titled “Hydroelectric towers set to light up NYC”, the article reveals the new power station that one guesses will have a vital role in the origin story for Jamie Foxx’s evil Electro. “Despite the outraged cries of protesters that have escaped the project since its inception, Oscorp Industries is set to flip the switch on the construction of an experimental hydroelectric power plant that could reform New York’s power landscape,” it claims.

“A wave of the mayor’s pen on resolution 2013.2.C4A was enough to point out the end of months of legal proceedings, bureaucratic red tape, and political wrangling. Though fears of an upcoming city-destroying disaster are rapidly approaching, Oscorp’s stock still managed to raise after a week of chaotic trading.”

The Amazing Spider Man 2

Electro is rumored to come to life after an Oscorp electrical engineer named Max Dillon had an accident with electric eels. Foxx has depicted the character as a no one for whom people will feel empathy. “It’s his birthday and even his mom forgot it” he expressed in San Diego’s July’ Comic-Con. “So when he does turn into Electro it’s serious poison; he really wants to hurt people, and when he feels like Spider Man turns his back on him, he really wants to hurt him bad.”

Another recent article on the site is a criticism attributed to J Jonah Jameson, the Daily Bugle editor who was played so amazingly by a scene-stealing JK Simmons in the films. Will Jameson finally be featured in The Amazing Spider Man 2 ? If yes, Webb could do worse than bring Simmons back: some complained when Judi Dench made a comeback as 007’s boss M for the Daniel Craig reappearance of James Bond, despite having been shown during Pierce Brosnan’s previous period as the British spy.

We do aware that Chris Cooper will take over Osborn after Dafoe. There’s also no faulting in choosing Dane DeHaan as Oscorp descendant Harry Osborn, though positively the star of Chronicle doesn’t quite have the appeals to nail the swaggering frat-boy vibe of the character played by Franco.

The Amazing Spider Man ‘s other major issue was the unpersuasive CGI that marks Rhys Ifans’ play of the Lizard. Hopefully, Foxx’s Electro won’t be that problematic (though early footages have hinted at a concerning Arnie-as-Mr-Freeze sense).

It’s a huge concern, as the villain seems to be very much center of the scene. It’s rumored that Sony could yet add the unlucky subtitle “Rise of Electro” to The Amazing Spider Man 2, based on a decision to do just that in Brazil.

Let’s hope something has been lost in translation from Portuguese. First, there have been so many film types with same titles that the phrase long ago appears. Also, “rise of” is Hollywood term for a first or origins film: its use would imply that Electro is only starting his terror. That appears to fit neither the character nor a wise Spider Man series arc, especially when other, more familiar enemies like the Green Goblin and Doctor Octopus assumedly wait in line.

By the time the franchise gets round to giving us Cooper’s take on the former, we might about to get ready for a second fuse of the crazy, bomb-chucking twisted genius. Although Dafoe and Franco would assumedly beg the difference in The Amazing Spider Man 2.

The Amazing Spider Man 2: triggering your spidey sense
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