Star Wars The Last Jedi trailer review – 5 things we’ve learned so far

The first footage of Star Wars Episode VIII has just been revealed – and after poring over it, here’s what we discovered.

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Star Wars Celebration in Orlando has been under way for the best part of two days now, and during Friday’s special panel for new episode The Last Jedi the assembled throngs were shown the first trailer for Rian Johnson’s highly-anticipated new movie. Here are five takeaways from the two-minute teaser.

Luke finally has some lines of dialogue

Mark Hamill has expressed a handful of good natured disappointment about his fleeting, vague appearance in The Force Awakens. But the good news is that Star Wars The Last Jedi seems set to give fans the Luke Skywalker-centred movie they might have thought they were getting last time out. Hamill is the sole actor given lines in the teaser, and it seems like he’s doing his best to bring Daisy Ridley’s Rey – here shown training her lightsaber moves on the cliffside in a scene lifted straight from The Karate Kid – up to speed with the Force. Yet, those who were expecting to see Skywalker paying a Yoda-like mentor, determined to make sure that the young Jakku scavenger find herself on the right side of the ubiquitous energy field, might just be in for a searing fuse of Force lighting to the cerebrum.

And it’s clear he has the Jedi in his crosshairs

Director Rian Johnson wasn’t kidding with that title, for it seems Luke has come to the conclusion that training a new generation of Jedi to fight the First Order is a pointless process. “I only know one truth, it’s time for the Jedi to end,” he says, in the process of one sentence throwing all received Star Wars wisdom into complete and utter chaos. Why must the Jedi end? Is Luke just sulking because Ben Solo turned to the dark side, murdered all his disciples and chose the way of a hideous masked Darth Vader wannabe? Or is there something more momentous about that startling statement? Perhaps the rigidly binary system of Jedi and Sith is the reason why the Force can never be truly balanced? And if so, what will replace these stalwarts of the saga?

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Phasma is back, and this time she’s bringing the scorched earth tactics

The last time we saw Gwendoline Christie’s Captain Phasma, she was about to be dumped down a First Order rubbish chute. But surely that’s the chrome-plated behemoth striding through the flames with her stormtroopers, and unless our eyes are playing tricks on us, she appears to have burned down a building Luke cares about deeply. Otherwise, why is the Jedi Knight wistfully watching its destruction with R2-D2 alongside? Is this the lost Jedi temple (which we know Skywalker set out to find) burning in the night? If so it seems likely the scene represents some kind of flashback.

Adam Driver’s Kylo Ren has ditched the mask – for now, at least

Ren’s Vader-like headwear most likely never made it off Starkiller Base, where he dropped it during that climactic encounter with Harrison Ford’s Han Solo. But quite why the ruined remains of the black mask are being given such importance – the scene explicitly recalls the sequence featuring Vader’s crumpled helmet in The Force Awakens – is a mystery. Ren still looks seemingly to be the main villain of Star Wars The Last Jedi– he’s in the new teaser poster along with Luke and Rey – but might the fact the patricidal maniac’s no longer hiding his face indicate something greater in the big scheme of things? There has been speculation, of course, that the new Star Wars trilogy will be the story of Ben Solo’s journey from the dark side back to the light.

Carrie Fisher’s Leia will play a pivotal role

Quite how Disney and LucasFilm are planning to deal with Fisher’s death in Colin Trevorrow’s Episode IX remains a mystery, but we do know the much-missed star had finished shooting all her scenes for The Last Jedi. Her appearance in the teaser, together with ornate new hairstyle, suggests General Leia Organa will have an essential part to play in the film, and Lucasfilm president Kathleen Kennedy confirmed as much during the movie’s panel at Star Wars Celebration in Florida on Friday. “Carrie is remarkable in Star Wars The Last Jedi film,” said Kennedy. “The performance she ended up giving, and what Rian wrote, I think you guys are going to find that an amazing tribute to her talent.”

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Final talking points

What’s with those ornate tomes embedded in the rock formations? Books of old Jedi wisdom that Luke’s about to get rid of? What’s Chewbacca doing while Rey learns to wax on, wax off? What’s with that shot of old parchment bearing the Jedi symbol? And when on Earth are we going to find out more about the Knights of Ren?

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Star Wars The Last Jedi trailer review – 5 things we’ve learned so far
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