Spring Breakers movie: A Riotous Take on Modern America

Spring Breakers movie is directed Harmony Korine, and he began amassing research to make paintings attracted to the contrast between the violent, sexual content and childlike, poppy colors and images for times.

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Every March, for a week, US college kids descend on a beach resort of their choice and proceed to wreck the place and themselves. Spring Breakers movie uses this annual ritual as a springboard into darker territory filtering the neon debauchery through a fantastical looking-glass infusing it with dread.

Korine’s “beach noir”, as he calls it, involves four girls fleeing to Florida for a spring break blowout. Then, they meet Alien (James Franco), a white gangsta rapper taking them under his unscrupulous wing. Spring Breakers is not a condemnation of a culture, as Franco says. However, the movie does hold its characters’ pop-culture values up for ridicule. These are people who have learned everything they know about the world from MTV. Other than Gomez’s questioning Bible student, the girls are spiritually vacant. Korine shared that he’s interested in the idea that the jump from watching something to doing something can be negligible. Still, Spring Breakers movie merely flirts with its themes. There’s no moralizing, and Korine doesn’t care to analyze it too much. He enjoys confusion and is tired of people expecting there to be a point to everything.

Despite all that, Korine is making a clear cultural statement with his casting. Joining with Gomez in a vixen quartet are Vanessa Hudgens, Ashley Benson and Korine’s wife, Rachel. It was Korine’s dream, the dream would be these girls and what they represent. There’s obviously something very exciting about working with these girls who are representative of that culture and that pop mythology. Also, people who the public can identify as personalities that are complete contrasts to what they’re portraying in the movie. I love that that part is a conceptual shock on top of the actual movie.

There is not merely stunt casting, but it’s certainly been healthy for publicity, and the idea of Korine as their patriarch is somewhat absurd. There was a surreal moment at the SXSW festival recently, when the Q&A host cajoled the three attendant girls to sing Baby One More Time, while Korine giggled and shuffled in his seat, clicking along, looking as bemused as delighted at his current position on the cultural landscape.

Korine threw everything into the production without much of a safety net. The actress had minimal security, and for the early scenes, they were surrounded by 1,000 extras who were genuinely on spring break. Luckily, on the main strip, they shot in abandoned hotel that they were going to destroy. The place looks like bombed-out ruins, but it is good enough to film.

Korine’s cameras lap up the young flesh on display, pointedly and lasciviously. In interviews, the girls have defended the fact that they’re in bikinis throughout reasoning that it gives their characters extra vulnerability. That is certainly true, and while the movie may not be for Gomez’s littles, they’re well aware of it. Many of them turned up to swoon at her at the Hollywood premiere recently

Spring Breakers movie online is a good few steps removed from reality. There’s been much discussion in certain pockets of the internet about the genealogy of Franco’s character. Riff Raff, a Houston rapper and friend of Korine’s, wants to take credit since Alien physically resembles him. In a meanwhile, Franco drew substantially from Florida rapper Dangeruss. In truth, says Korine, Alien is an amalgamation of many people, mostly local types he was at school with.

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Spring Breakers movie: A Riotous Take on Modern America
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