Spoilers: 6 Scenes We Definitely Know Happening In Avengers Infinity War

Let’s check 6 spoilers happening in Avengers Infinity War

6. Dr. Strange Loses An Eye

No, he’s not going to become the mystical equivalent of Nick Fury. The eye that Dr. Strange appears to lose is much more valuable than that of his peepers.

The Sorcerer Supreme has been warned that troubles will come to him if he keeps carrying around an Infinity Stone, and in Avengers Infinity War, he appears to have found it.

The attacker will presumably be rendered as a member of the Back Order – Thanos’ children – once Marvel Studio’s special effects experts get their hands on the footage.

Strange giving up the gem is bad news for the good guys as once all six Infinity Stone are united in Thanos’ gauntlet, the Mad Titan will have the power to redefine the Marvel Universe in his will.

For the Avengers, that’s one in the eye.

5. Vision Takes On Human Form

As the set leaks have shown the Avengers in human form, there is a chance for Vision to take his somewhat weird relationship with Scarlet the Witch to the next level in Infinity War. Images revealed by E!News describe Paul Bettany’ Android superhero in a more fleshy guise, locking lips with Wanda Maximoff, no less.

This particular leak rises so many questions that can not be explained because how and why the situation is relatively vague. Presumable, Vision loses the Mind Stone embedded in his forehead, but wouldn’t it kill him if removed? More likely, this is an illusion created by Scarlet, or better yet Thanos himself. Maybe the Mad Titan promises to grant Vision human form in exchange for the Infinity Stone, tempting him with his ideal image of a life he wanted.

He can’t be trusted, Vision!

4. Thanos Messes With Spider Man’s Mind

What this leak lacks in clarify, it makes up for with the sheer amount of the information there is to break down. Not bad for a poor quality image that’s doing rounds on Reddit.

The photo appears to feature a monitor from the Avengers Infinity War set with a lot of different scenes in motion.

The most bulging is a sequence involving Spider Man and Doctor Strange, supporting claims that the pair will become a perfect dynamic dou in the movie

A subtitle accompanying this scene reveals the Sorcerer Supreme says: “Peter! Protect them. They’re not dead.”

Many Redditors have predicted this as Thanos was messing with Spidey’s mind to trick him into thinking his Avengers comrades have fallen, which he would have the power to do with the Infinity Stones on his side.

In addition, Dr. Strange seems to be flying in the sequence. Most likely, he is using his astral projection abilities to help Peter Parker and ground him amid the Mad Titan’s mental strike.

3. Iron Man Reinstalls the Arc Reactor

Avengers: Infinity War

Avengers Infinity War full movie may come with a side to help Tony Stark with his déjà-vu as a set photo posted on Robert Downey Jr.’s Instagram has hinted at the regression for the character.

The actor shared a picture of him buddying up with the co-stars Benedict Cumberbatch, Mark Ruffalo and Benedict Wong, enjoying their break time.  So far, so “bromantic”, but wait! Check out that Arc Reactor-shaped hole in the center of Stark’s T-shirt.

Downey Jr.’s wardrobe choice has definitely raised eyebrows and hinted that Tony Stark is going to reinstall the device which he had removed in Iron Man 3.

The famous Iron Man embedded the Arc Reactor in his chest during Iron Man 1 to avoid shrapnel lodged in his body entering his heart and killing him. It is also a nifty power source for the Iron Man armor.

The gizmo hasn’t been seen ever since Stark removed it during his third solo act, and its return raises some extremely hot topics about the character.

Has Tony suffered another injury? Let’s pray it isn’t true, but more likely, Iron Man will need extra juice when the fight brings him into the outer space.

2. Thor’s Hammer Reforged

The directors – the Russo Brothers – caught fans by surprise with a spoiler from both Avengers Infinity War and Thor Ragnarok with an Instagram post.

Thanks to the trailer footage, it’s already commonly known that the Thunder God’s magical weapon Mjolnir will be shattered into pieces during his third solo act, but it seems like he won’t be missing his hammer for too long.

The photo shared by the Russo bothers reveals Thor’s hammer intact, suggesting it will somehow be reforged in Infinity War. But perhaps “reforged” is the wrong word because it seems impossible based on how it was completely destroyed under Hela’s touch in the Thor Ragnarok trailer.

Anyhow, Thor does appear to have himself a new hammer to fight against Thanos, and it actually look similar to Mjolnir, rather than other magical hammers featuring in Marvel Comics titles over the years

And there’s also a bonus spoiler in the photo – Anthony Russo is making a cameo appearance in Avengers Infinity War as a priest, for some reason !?

Avengers: Infinity War

1. Quicksilver’s Comeback?

Avengers Infinity War

In the same Reddit leak, details of an surprise comeback may also have been spilled. Marvel Studio’s snipers will be hunting for somebody.

It’s rather hard to make out as the grainy photo doesn’t help much, but standing on the left of Spider Man and Doctor Strange is Scarlet Witch (Elizabeth Olsen) lying in rubble, and above her is no one else but her dead brother Quicksilver. Could Aaron Taylor-Johnson’s character end up being resurrected in Avengers Infinity War? More likely, Thanos is doing his old tricks again this time, preying on Wanda’s grief over the death of her brother by conjuring an illusion of him.

Raising Quicksilver from the dead would only waste his sacrifice in Avengers Age of Ultron, but if Marvel is indeed sticking to the idea, you should probably give them credit for keeping it under wraps…until that Reddit leak appear.

And here is your awsome video about 6 scene you must watch again in Avengers Infinity War trailer:

Spoilers: 6 Scenes We Definitely Know Happening In Avengers Infinity War
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