Spider Man Homecoming review – Marvel’s best Spider Man

Spider Man Homecoming

Directed by Jon Watts
Starring Tom Holland, Robert Downey Jr, Michael Keaton, Jon Favreau, Zendaya, Marisa Tomei
Rating: 4/5

Sweet, gentle Peter Parker gets bitten by a radioactive spider and gains super abilities in Spider Man Homecoming full movie. After seeing a robbery, and in a bout of disinterest, allowing the bad to get away, he understands that the same man that robbed and killed his dear Uncle Ben soon afterward. Parker learns the most important lesson: With great power comes great responsibility.

With Uncle Ben’s prudent words in heart, he promises to fight against evil, fits himself into homemade suits, and becomes the friendly heroic Spider Man.

Spidey’s origin story – thanks to the countless occasions we’ve seen it on screen – is perhaps after Batman’s regarding familiarity. There is a high chance that even someone who has never read a Spider Man comic or seen one of the multiple movies or cartoons, could tell his story to you with mild confidence.

It is also a story point no one was concerned when watching Spider Man Homecoming full movie – mainly for the same reasons.

Fortunately, they’ve spared us. Spider Man Homecoming full movie online, Spidey’s first solo arc in the MCU, picks up after the happening of Captain America Civil War, the film in which you will recall, Tom Holland’s Spider Man made his debut – and if we’re all being truthful, got us excited, despite almost losing patience for these movies.

But it has been a few months since the clash at the Berlin airport. Peter’s now returns home in Queens, pretending like nothing happened. And he’s dealt with an even greater problem: School, exams, bullies, and girls. To make things worse, Tony Stark has straight-out refused to include him in any more superhero event, and would very much want Peter to forever stay the “friendly neighbourhood Spider Man”.

Marvel films have been continuously great, but there is something innocence in this movie that we haven’t really witness before. It is a most refined American coming-of-age film John Hughes would’ve been proud of, fills with jocks and nerds, bored instructors and detention, after-school lousiness, and love.

From the first time you hear the original opening theme song of Spider Man, you know it. You’re singing to it right now, you know what you’re in for. And a major reason for how well it all turns out is thanks for the cast. Holland is amazing as both Peter Parker and Spider Man. He is a boy, despite what he claims, and this is his adventure – to assure that he is ready for the big, bad world.

Meanwhile, Robert Downey Jr. could portray Tony Stark even in his sleep – especially since the two have blurred into each other indiscriminately. But what an incredible actor Michael Keaton is – intimidating when he needs to be, but also pitiful, and weak.

Homecoming is the second time they’ve ‘recreated’ Spidey. And that’s not an exceptional event as they do this all the time. What’s cool is that on both prior events – the Sam Raimi/Tobey Maguire franchise, and the Marc Webb/Andrew Garfield thrill – the final movies sank the series. For the same reason – both Spider Man 3 and The Amazing Spider Man 2 were an overblown, overcrowded piece of mess. They were too focusing on shaping future sequels, than delivering their story.

But Spider Man Homecoming full movie online is an exception. It’s much smaller. In tone, and in spirit, it’s closer than any Spidey film before it to successfully portray the character Stan Lee and Steve Ditko made in the ‘60s. It’s so refreshing to watch a film which everyone expected to be gigantic in scale, and in return, get a teen comedy about a vulnerable teenage struggling to be noticed in a world dominated by powerful people.

It’s too soon for him to tell – before this, his only feature credit was the weird indie Cop Car – but Jon Watts proves he has a talent for executing character-driven movies. There is action, make no mistake, but different from some other superhero films, it isn’t overwhelming. It comes occasionally, but when it happens, you actually anticipate for its outcome.

Marvel has stored incredible power with their decade-old franchise of movies. They’ve broken records. They’ve entirely changed blockbuster filmmaking. They’ve made unknown actors become A-list celebs. With these movies, they’ve brought to life what long time fans could only long for, and they’ve given a new generation idols to admire. These aren’t small successes. But with their power, they also had a responsibility – to produce great films. It doesn’t seem too much to ask it can be.

Spider Man Homecoming full movie online is one of the great movies. Like Peter, there is sincereness in its nature. No Spider Man movie can come close to the awesomeness of Spider Man 2, but this one flies right up to its face.

Spider Man Homecoming review – Marvel’s best Spider Man
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  • wallybrunner

    Spider Man Homecoming full movie is certainly an enjoyable film: funny, gripping, and generally well-acted. It fails in being very much an episode of the MCU, a stark (pun intended) contrast to some of the more standalone films of the MCU. The film isn’t bad, but its dependence on the rest of the MCU (and its compulsion to constantly remind you that it takes place in the MCU) make it less interesting than previous Spider-Man adventures

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