Film Review: Spider Man Homecoming – he keeps falling, and he keeps getting up

Tom Holland is Peter Parker as Marvel’s first superhero in Spider Man Homecoming. That’s the innovation, and limitation, of this mildly entertaining reboot.

The Spider Man Homecoming

Midway through Spider Man Homecoming full movie there’s a sequence that revs the picture up in that buzzy spectacular “Hey, I’m watching a Marvel movie!” way. Peter Parker (Tom Holland), a 15-year-old second-year highschooler from Queens, is in Washington, D.C., along with a crew of his fellow nerdy students, to join the finals of the Academic Decathlon. They’re up in the Washington Monument when a volatile alien weapon explodes, causing a crack along the top of the building’s pointy pillar and trapping the students inside the elevator.

It depends on Peter to save them, even though as Spider Man he’s still finding out what the hell he’s doing. Dressed in his red-and-blue spandex outfit, now added computer intelligence and a Siri voice, he flies through the monument, a vertical crawl scene at dizzying angles (as in, straight down). He shoots some sticky web here and there and attempts to kick his way through a small window (nope, the glass is too hard). But it’s a sticky situation. For a few dicey moments, you’re up there with him, doing just what you’re supposed to be doing at a movie like this one. You forget yourself. You escape.

The rest of Spider Man Homecoming movie isn’t bad, but it’s very much down to earth. There’s a side of comic-book superhero movies that’s more or less encrypted in the names of the heroes. Superman. Batman. Iron Man. Wonder Woman. They swing, they scowl, they see through walls, they resist bullets, but they are all adults. Peter Parker is different — and he’s peculiarly different in Spider Man Homecoming movie online where Tom Holland portrays him with a gawky, anxious deer-in-headlights teen innocence that’s so fumblingly aw shucks and normal that it appears almost incongruous when he’s called “the Spider-Man.” What he looks (and acts) like is Spider-Boy. Tobey Maguire, who certainly seemed boyish at the time, was 26 years old when he first played Peter, but Holland was just 20 when he shot this film, and it makes a difference. Spider Man Homecoming movie is the tale of a hero who’s still mucking around in the business of being a kid. It’s almost as if he’s his own fanboy.

Spider Man Homecoming

The movie’s novelty is that Spidey, though he’s been referred to by Tony Stark (Robert Downey Jr.) as an Avengers apprentice, barely knows how to harness his abilities, or what to do with them. To an extent, the movie’s novelty nails it, even though with a qualifier: This Peter is such an ordinary, awkward guy that he’s a touch innocuous — the closest the Marvel Universe has come to delivering us a superhero who wouldn’t look like a mess on the Disney Channel.

Holland has a likable presence, but he’s dutiful and imploring rather than captivating. His wormy pale good-looking makes it look, at times, like he’s gazing at some high-school chapter of “The Bobby Flay Story,” and the director, Jon Watts, remains all the action on the neat surface. Peter has a best friend, the roly-poly and easily amazed Ned (Jacob Batalon), and he’s got a crush on Liz (Laura Harrier), a senior who’s on the Decathlon team. The biracial romance is a step in the right direction, but at one point the two are poised in an upside-down kiss that never materializes, which only reminds you of how much the film is feeding off its legacy. It’s OK — and true enough to Marvel — to create a Spider Man film about a young kid, but Spider Man Homecoming movie has an impressive keen and prosaic flavor.

However, following the two Andrew Garfield “Spider-Man” movies, which were the definition of super-forgettable competence, the film is just different enough, in idea and execution, to connect and become a sizable sensation. If so, it could prove a key transitional film in the greater cinematic universe of comic-book movies. Spider Man Homecoming movie calls out to its viewers: This kid isn’t really super — he’s just like you. Ant man movie did the same thing (and out of the Marvel zone, so did the “Kick-Ass” movies), but we’ve never seen a character as mythical as Spider Man portrayed in such a user-friendly, sanded-down, After School Special way.

Spider Man Homecoming Adrian Toomes

The bad guy, played by Michael Keaton, is very much an adult. His name is Adrian Toomes, and he’s a displeased city contractor who, in the movie’s 90 token seconds of “topicality,” decides to unravel his rage against the elite members of a stacked-deck system by gathering a stolen cache of alien weapons on the black market. This villainous plot is pretty bare bones: The weapons are defined almost by their purplish colorful glow, and Toomes, as far as we know, doesn’t have an evil scheme — he just has an outfit worthy of a master plan, a heavy-metal flying suit, each wing dressed with what seems like an ominous whirring bedroom fan. He also has a major-nemesis name: Vulture. Keaton brings all the sinister, gnashing personality you could want to the role, though the movie should have given him more to do. It does, however, provide the character with a good twist, when he shows up where you least expect him.

In Spider Man Homecoming full movie Peter Parker is a superhero-in-training whose alter ego is just being discovered on YouTube clips, and it’s fun to see him try to gain control over his capabilities. In place of the casual Tarzan swings through the gargantuan urban buildings, he works in more compact spaces, blasting out his web in small targeted bursts. His suit, designed by Tony Stark, is equipped with gimmicks he’s just learning about. Yet the way the movie deals with all this stuff is more rote than ingenious. It’s impossible to even tell where the costume’s powers leave off and Peter’s start — or, judging loosely from Spider Man Homecoming if he even has abilities of his own. We all know the spider-bite basics of Spidey’s origin story, but too much rebooting has now resulted in a certain vagueness, as if the film couldn’t be bothered to fill in the logistics. Given that, the flying action has usual flip buoyancy, and the film does get you cheering for Peter. The appeal of this particular Spider-Boy is all too basic: In his lunge for valor, he keeps falling, and he keeps getting up.

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Film Review: Spider Man Homecoming – he keeps falling, and he keeps getting up
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    Spider Man Homecoming full movie that truly captures the spirit of the legendary wallcrawler. The film eschews the origin story and gives a fresh and exciting take on Spider-Man. No longer is he sequestered from The Marvel Universe. He’s home in The MCU. Spider Man Homecoming full movie also delivered something that most comic book films fail to do, create a fleshed out three dimensional villain. That alone makes it stand out from this year’s crop superhero films. It’s the only one that bothered to create a compelling villain

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