SpiderMan Homecoming, the best Spider-Man movie

Directed by the famous Jon Watts, Spider Man Homecoming is a joyful celebration of Spider Man, one of the most arguable popular Marvel superhero in history. But Spider Man Homecoming movie fortunately didn’t just go back over what we already know, and Watts had made a few savvy choices to give the iconic Spider-Man a fresh feel.

SpiderMan Homecoming is a movie that has been long waiting for, and it’s a movie that demands to be seen in box office for its action scenes alone. Aside from the typical Marvel dazzle, the performances from Tom Holland (as Spider-Man) and Michael Keaton (as Vulture, the villain) are exceptional. And Homecoming is fearless in being a teen movie that never forgets that its main star is still in high school, which stays true to the spirit of Spider-Man.

Here are five great things to know about SpiderMan Homecoming:

1. Tom Holland is the best Spidey ever. This movie will definitely make him a movie star.

In Captain America Civil War, we got a glance at Holland’s charm and top-notch comedic chemistry with Robert Downey Jr.’s Tony Stark. In his expanded role, Holland continues to build on that base he established in Civil War and gives Peter Parker a rounded awkwardness and youthful, restless spirit. He made Peter seem like your best friend from childhood. But then, as Homecoming reveals, Peter becomes more aspirational.

More than any Marvel former superhero, Peter Parker is vulnerable. He is a teenager who has experienced loss (Uncle Ben, Gwen Stacy). His life is like a emotion rollercoaster. In Holland’s nimble hands, Peter sheds tears and aches with heartbreak.

Holland is having so much fun and is so convincing in this role that he creates the most relatable and most human Marvel hero. He’s undeniable the best Spider-Man who’s ever appeard onscreen.

2. The fantastic villain – Michael Keaton

The meta-humor behind Michael Keaton’s villain is that he played a megalomaniacal, bird-inspired ex-superhero in Birdman (2014), the odd, sardonic superhero satire from Alejandro González Iñárritu that was named Best Picture at the 2015 Oscars. In SpiderMan Homecoming, he plays one of Spidey’s iconic enemies: Adrian Toomes (a.k.a. the Vulture). But even without that strange meta-irony, Keaton is just chilling as Toomes. Keaton understand how to show his own brand of sinister, sharpening the spikiness in his voice and conveying fiery emotion in his eyes. But the most compelling thing about Toomes is that he’s impossibly human, just like other comic villains in comics.

 Spider Man Homecoming Adrian Toomes

3. SpiderMan Homecoming, an unapologetically teen movie

SpiderMan is essentially the first teenage superhero who is also a headliner. Prior to him, teenage superheroes were often sidekicks. But Peter Parker rose above that stereotype and became a character brought to life and gave relevance to the terrifying unsureness of being a teenager. Homecoming sticks to the root and forms a teen experience for Peter that feels so familiar. It might make you long for your teenage innocence, and that’s a feat in itself.

Moreover, the film fascinatedly evokes nostalgia for a teenage high school experience that to be honest, many of us didn’t have.

The kids in Peter’s school are special. There are no smug jocks, mean girls or other antiquated tropes about social hierarchy. For the most part, the kids are allowed to be who they are – kids. But even in this post-modern, post-trope high school setting, the fear of being rejected, the yearning for belonging and the aching loneliness still exist.

How would it feel like to be a kid at time where heroes actually exist? How would it feel like if your heroes let you down? How would Peter Park feel if he let them down?

4. Fantastic action scenes

It’s completely coincident that SpiderMan Homecoming has an invisible plane and in Wonder Woman, a man she couldn’t save leaving a precious lesson about responsibility.

Spidey is a unique hero with a fair bit of comedic physics whenever he performs his heroism.  . He’s not a brawler like Captain America or Hulk nor is he a gizmo-reliant technophile like Iron Man, and he can’t call down lightning like Thor. Spidey is also leaner and meaner than his superhero cohort — he’s not muscling his way to solutions.

5. Great power comes with great responsibility

When a Marvel superhero is formed, all it takes is a snap of fingers, or a syringe of super-soldier serum or Hank Pym’s magic shrinking formula, a montage and voilà: A hero in question becomes a high-performance do-gooder, fully in command of their super strength, their agility, their original super suit, their vibranium shield and whatever unique powers they own.

SpiderMan Homecoming is completely opposite.

Instead of repeating Spider-Man’s signature punchline, “with great power comes great responsibility”, Homecoming shows us what this idea actually looks like in practice. We see him fly up through the sky with all these gizmos in his new suit, and then completely bork the landing. We watch him put people in great danger because of his teenage stubbornness. We see him fail over and over again.

At some point, seeing Spidey biff up another scenario becomes an exercise in cringe. But it absolutely works in making Spidey’s credo, and the spirit of his character in SpiderMan Homecoming, crystal clear.

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SpiderMan Homecoming, the best Spider-Man movie
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  • orenvan

    Filled with wit, heart, and fun, Spider Man Homecoming full movie is exactly the kind of treatment the web-slinger needed to be be brought fully back to life after the dreadful Sony reboot; it’s also one of the notably better entries in the MCU so far. While not without its flaws, Spider Man Homecoming full movie online still manages kick all kinds of ass as well as deliver what’s undoubtedly one of the best Spider Man films of all time.

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