Soundtrack Review: Music from the Iron Man Trilogy

Even if you don’t Tony’s have cutting-edge armor or his cool beard, nothing can preclude you from enjoying the same music that Iron Man himself jets around to.

In a rare example of a different composer being used for each tip of a trilogy, five of the best tracks from each movie have been collected into a musical Iron Man mélange, performed by the talented London Music Works. Each of the movies’ composers rockets at the notes from a slightly different direction, their signatures imprinted on a common smelt of electric guitar, red hot percussion, and limitless energy.

Ramin Djawadi – whose music recently fought with the clatter of metal men in Pacific Rim with a cool electro-industrial soundtrack that perfectly communicates both the awesomeness of the Iron Man armor, and the cockiness of its inventor.

Ramin-Djawadi-conducts-a-suite-of-his-music-from-Iron man

Picking up from that, John Debney gives us a more brooding Iron Man. It’s the suit upgrade of soundtracks; flashier, armed to the teeth with drums and percussion, but still retaining the thrust and fun of the original themes.

Then, Brian Tyler has managed to give Iron Man 3 its own distinct score while drawing on the hero’s inter-movie musical past.

If you own the Iron Man soundtracks individually then of course this is all familiar: there’s nothing new here for you. But if you don’t, then it’s certainly thrilling music to grow that cool Stark beard to.

As always, we at Cult Box slipped into our Mark XVI Reviewing Armor and told Jarvis to crank up the volume while picking our five favorite tracks as we set about creating new elements.

Driving With the Top Down

A piece that’s been scattered to the four winds of superhero soundtracks, having appeared on compilation albums everywhere. That’s no surprise, as it’s a lot of fun.

Merchant of Death

Break out the Techno-cool synth and rock guitar of ‘Merchant of Death’ as you click through those clip art strewn slides, and you’ll nail down everything you’re struggling with.

New Element/Particle Accelerator

Nothing flashy about this, but it is a good music to work to, whether you’re doing your homework, knocking together flat pack furniture, or just messing up the entire order of the Periodic Table.

Attack on 10880 Malibu Point

Tyler throws everything into this, creating a majestic roller coaster that soars and dips between threatening and victorious. Should you ever see a flock of helicopters heading toward your home, it’s time to cue this up, put a saucepan on your head, and press ‘Play’.

Can You Dig It

There’s the bonkers excitement of a Saturday morning cartoon to this, a cheeky upbeat take on the Iron Man 3 theme. The ‘Pow! Zonk!’ sounds of the brass pumping away above a steady electric guitar strum makes the track so cheeky, cool and fast-paced like Tony himself.

Soundtrack Review: Music from the Iron Man Trilogy
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