Even Chris Pratt and Jennifer Lawrence couldn’t save Passengers movie 2016 from becoming a disaster

There are so many aspects along the way when the stranded-in-space sci-fi Passengers movie 2016 which is certainly not that good a film, could have been made different and become united. You can almost definitely catch the sound of the Greek chorus of studio executives as you watch: “Sure, sure. But let’s hear me out: What if they fell in love instead?”

passengers 2016 Movie Online

As because of a technical issue in his intergalactic cruise ship on a journey to a planet named Homestead 2, handsome mechanic Jim Preston (Chris Pratt) wakes up from suspended animation 90 years prematurely, meaning he’ll most likely be dead by the time the chip arrives its destination in Passengers movie 2016.

Passengers movie director Morten Tyldum (“The Imitation Game”) executes efficiently from the “2001” palette, serving up a primitive, deep-set spaceship for his main man to lose his insanity in. Bring on the one-man performance from Pratt, who changes from foolish to resolute to depression-bearded; talking to none but himself, then having conversations with the robotic bartender Arthur (a chilling Michael Sheen, in charge of managing a bar whose decor brings out “The Shining”), dressing in a spacesuit and gloomily thinking about committing a “Space Oddity” suicide. It’s “Cast Away” in the space, and it would have worked out fine, until Jim decides he deserves company.

Our respect for Jim takes a rapid fall as he struggles, even just a little, with the ethics of opening the hibernation pod of a charming blonde (Jennifer Lawrence) who he’s bear in mind is the perfect woman for him. Surprise! He just goes for it.

passengers 2016 Movie Online

One more time, I hear the studio screams: “Jim decides to take a chance on love, despite all the odds.” What it actually meant: Jim decides to get his hand on the fate of a venturesome New York writer with an intention to live on Homestead 2 for a year, make the return adventure home and reside in her original city 250 years in the future, publishing a memoir the likes of which no one’s ever thought of. That fate now turns into “spend rest of life on ship with this f**king guy.”

The process by which J-Law’s role, Aurora, ultimately discovers about her pod’s “malfunction” is too long to be realized. When it does take place, Passengers online movie plays with turning into a straight-up horror movie, as she now realizes she’s struck with the criminal who flirted with her life plans: “It’s murder!” she shouts. This is not, eventually, how it all ends up with. Note to Greek chorus of executives: Turning a cosmic psychodrama into a “He went to Jared” commercial is a low move, even for you.

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Even Chris Pratt and Jennifer Lawrence couldn’t save Passengers movie 2016 from becoming a disaster
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