Passengers 2016 Movie Online Is a Journey Best Skipped

High-concept sci-fi? Interstellar romance? Pulse-pounding thriller? The space-castaways movie starring Jennifer Lawrence and Chris Pratt – Passengers 2016 Movie Online is a little of each and a lot of nothing.

Jim Preston (Chris Pratt) wakes up alone in space. The hibernation pod in which he has been sleeping for decades pops open and a hologram appears to inform him that his 120-year interstellar voyage to the human colony of Homestead II is all but complete. Jim learn that he has been waken up 90 years earlier than the plan. Jim tries everything to get rid of the feeling of being alone, even attempts to wake the ship’s crew but they are deep in their own slumber and locked behind an utterly impregnable bulkhead. On the Avalon, there’s only Jim, the sleeping crews and robots. One day, when Jim is at a particularly low ebb, he happens to gaze into the pod of one of his many fellow passengers and see a pretty blonde named Aurora Lane (Jennifer Lawrence). She is his dream girl, and after a sequence of his internal fight to see whether he should wake her up to be with her, Jim eventually wakes her up to not being alone anymore. Jim conceals what he did, and the two begin to fall in love. Later, she finds out, and she is appropriately nonplussed. A bit later than that, the ship’s ongoing malfunctions start to escalate, necessitating a series of life-or-death action sequences involving our leads.

Briefly thinking about the setup of Jim waking up makes me realize that none of this setup makes a lick of sense. A whole ship is fully up and running despite the fact that no human being is supposed to be awake for another 90 years, and not a single one of these systems is capable of sensing that anything is wrong with Jim’s premature presence or of rousing the crew. It’s utterly ridiculous.

passengers 2016 Movie Online

At this point, the question is what kind of Passengers 2016 movie online is, and it’s difficult to answer. Directed by Morten Tyldum from a script by Jon Spaihts, the movie begins as a kind of high-concept science-fiction movie, but ultimately does very little with its initial premise. Once Aurora is awakened, the movie takes the shape of a romance, but this storyline feels half-hearted and unfinished as well. Then, when it comes to the big action finale, the movie becomes a little bit better as a thriller movie.

Ironically, Passengers 2016 movie online  is at its most evocative when capturing a state of utter tedium. In the early scenes where Jim is eating a bowl of cereal or lazily shooting hoops or even sitting in the ship’s movie theater, facing down eternity, I felt I was right there with him.

At the end of the day, Passengers 2016 movie online is a movie that you just want skip and move on for something else, unless you want to see Chris Pratt and Jenifer Lawrence flirting each other.

Passengers 2016 Movie Online Is a Journey Best Skipped
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