Passengers 2016 movie online– Chris Pratt has an outer space crush for Jennifer Lawrence

What a perfect couple: Jennifer Lawrence and Chris Pratt. Hot, buff, toned, easy on the eyes. It’s as if they were born to appear together in this offshoot but perfectly watchable and rather astounding sci-fi: lovers wander in space, wittily blending Titanic and the Book of Genesis. Passengers 2016 movie online has been quite well received in some quarters, and it is definitely true that, similar to so many other films of so many other categories, it has not much in the way of a third act.

passengers 2016 Movie Online

Screenwriter Jon Spaihts has his very first feature credit, after contributing to hits such as Doctor Strange and Prometheus. He and director Morten Tyldum appear to have agreed on steering Passengers away from the narrative concept that other moviemakers might clearly think of, towards a major reveal of duplicity and bad faith. They are heading towards a more delightful conception of human nature. But the adventure is lively.

Chris Pratt portrays Jim Preston, an engineer and typical man – he later spotted in dirty overalls and T-shirt – who is leaving Earth on a mega-spaceship to find a new life on a distant planet called Homestead II. Like the other 4,999 passengers aboard, he has been sleeping in a suspended animation pod due to the fact that the journey will take approximately 130 years. But then his spacecraft, built to look like a DNA helical corkscrew and spinning persistently across the cosmos, bumps into a meteor shower and takes a huge hit, sending a shockwave through the ship and accidentally making Jim’ pod prematurely open.

passengers 2016 Movie Online

His awakening triggers the auto-support systems across the entire ship and Jim wanders around this gigantic empty craft, wide-eyed and then nervously as he discovers that he has 90 more years to go. Going back to deep sleep is not an option. He doesn’t have access to any information other than the eerily useless recorded hologram “help” messages designed to be watched on landing. Most disturbingly of all is the regulation sci-fi robot: an android bartender named Arthur, portrays with eccentric-valley joyfulness by Michael Sheen. Stricken with absolute loneliness, Jim stares at the other pods and falls for one sleeping beauty – journalist Aurora Lane, Jennifer Lawrence joined the ride. Jim curiously turns on her autobiography-vidblogs gathered from the ship’s computer database. He thinks he must definitely get to know her. He could crack open her pod, wake her up, act like it was another accident like his. Could Aurora be his companion, formed from the rib of his anguish? Does Jim have the right to force her way into his own depressing fate?

passengers 2016 Movie Online

Passengers 2016 movie online is greatly inspired by Kubrick, with a touch of Douglas Trumbull’s Silent Running: Arthur the bartender is borrowed from The Shining, although he is given – like the rest of the movie – something like a Hyde-into-Jekyll upgrade. Tyldum and Spaihts share Kubrick’s love of exploring great huge thrilling empty interiors. The spacecraft is more like the Overlook hotel, though the ghost here is solely Jim himself.

As for Aurora, Jennifer Lawrence has the more difficult job of facing not simply with her terrifying new situation but with Jim. She can find herself lucky it wasn’t Danny DeVito debunking her pod and demurely hiding the tool behind his back. Aurora is more focused on passing the time with health and fitness, and swimming in the pool, a rare chance to check out her revealing quasi-one-piece bikini. And in a more hilarious context we get to see a glimpse of Jim’s body as well. Romance and sex pass the time. But, as Samuel Beckett claims in Waiting for Godot, it would have eventually passed.

passengers 2016 Movie Online

Having exploited this outrageously foolishness but amusing situation, Passengers 2016 movie online has to move forwards, and this is where the unavoidable anti-climax occurs. But not before the film has indulged the always thrilling sensuous and erotic wonders of tech. However petrified and lonely Jim feels, he has the delirious pleasure of sampling all the leisure facilities that he would rather have to share with tons of other people: top basketball court, dance-floor, restaurants with android waiters, Arthur with infinite amount of liquor. He and Aurora are like kids in lost in a candy store that they can’t escape from and have nothing to eat but candy.

Passengers 2016 movie online doesn’t have an ending. But it has Lawrence, who brings the energy that might likely to leak out through gaps in the storyline. She has a persistently brilliant sense of humor, even while taking the entire thing utterly seriously. Lawrence is no passenger, she’s rather carrying it.

Passengers 2016 movie online– Chris Pratt has an outer space crush for Jennifer Lawrence
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