Murder on the Orient Express Movie Trailer 2017 #2: Everyone Is Suspected

In the new trailer Murder on the Orient Express movie 2017, iconic Belgian detective Hercule Poirot is on the case, and everyone is suspected.

Murder on the Orient Express movie 2017
Murder on the Orient Express (2017)
Sergei Polunin, standing over unidentified character

Kenneth Branagh has double of duty as being both actor and director for this stylish adaptation of Agatha Christie’s durable murder-mystery best-seller in 1934. The script is written by writer of Logan and American Gods, Michael Green.

Murder on the Orient Express movie 2017 begins with the murder of a wealthy American traveling on the famed title train as it speeds through the snowy mountains of the Balkans. Similar to all detective movie, our famed detective happens to be on the same train, and it’s all on Poitrot to learn about the murder, so he immediately begins investigating the crime. A snowstorm causes the train to get bogged down in a mountain pass, that accident gives Poirot plenty of time to question the array of oddball train passengers and discover that all of them seem to be hiding something.

20th Century Fox has recently released the second trailer for Murder on the Orient Express movie 2017 . The trailer is very efficient in setting up the movie’s basic situation: on a train filled with eccentric characters traveling through exotic locales, one is murdered and luckily the world’s greatest detective just happens to be on on-board.

The all-star cast is a major selling point for the movie, and the trailer reminds us of all the famous names happening to be involved in the movie while briefly sketching their characters. Johnny Depp gets a central role in the trailer as he exchanging dialogue in a tough-guy gangster accent with Branagh’s Poirot. Branagh himself gets to try on a broad Belgian accent along with his stupendous mustache. Michelle Pfeiffer appears as a naughty widow knowing what it feels like to have a man in her room. Daisy Ridley plays a spunky young governess. It wouldn’t be a lavish, classy period picture based on a classic novel without Judi Dench dripping with jewels and trailed by a nervous-looking maid.

The trailer notably stays away from emphasizing the Agatha Christie source material instead of selling the performances and the detective-thriller angle while sprinkling in some action shots. The jam-packed Murder on the Orient Express movie 2017 cast also includes Josh Gad, Leslie Odom Jr., Michael Pena, Penelope Cruz, Willem Dafoe, Lucy Boynton and Derek Jacobi.

Murder on the Orient Express Movie Trailer 2017 #2: Everyone Is Suspected
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