Murder on the Orient Express Movie 2017 – The master of teasing

Murder on the Orient Express movie 2017 is an installment that could very feasibly be turned off by its very trailers.

Murder on the Orient Express movie 2017

Murder on the Orient Express Movie 2017, based on one of Agatha Christie’s most well-known books and featuring her most iconic character, Hercule Poirot, is a murder mystery. Each character is might as well a suspect and each has a potential motive for taking the life of an unidentified guest. It now depends on Poirot to conduct a series of interviews over the course of his investigation, while stuck on the same train with the killer, and find out who it eventually was.

Murder on the Orient Express movie 2017 thrives from the suspense that comes from the unknown. The trailer not only respects the concept, but it also follows the motif, making every Murder on the Orient Express characters feel just as guilty as the previous.

But after witnessing the Murder on the Orient Express Movie trailer, there’s no clear hint of what has taken place — beyond the death of a passenger — how it was executed, who else may be on the verge of being the next victim and, ultimately, who the murderer is. The trailer doesn’t unveil anything beyond what it needs to and, in doing so, has created an intriguing piece of movie advertising.

The whole Murder on the Orient Express Movie trailer is under Poirot’s narration, much like Christie’s novel, but it doesn’t show the detective. For those who have devoured Christie’s masterpiece, this will definitely bring back memories. Although Poirot is placed at the center of every mystery, he however isn’t the main character. He’s a catalyst to help readers step into the world of whatever mystery he’s solving. The main Murder on the Orient Express characters, surprisingly, are the supporting characters in whatever crime has been committed and the attention hardly detached from those strangers.

In the trailer for Murder on the Orient Express, Poirot isn’t showed until the very ending shots, when one of the passengers merely asks who he is. It’s at that moment that a smirking Kenneth Branagh is unveiled and we realize who the narrator is the entire time and about his purpose appearing on the train. It’s an amusing way of introducing the guy that the viewers will come to depend on as the key crucial source of information, but it’s the build-up-to that really shows off which is genuinely fantastic.

As briefly seen in the GIF image above, Poirot slowly moves through the main corridor of the train. As he passes each guest, their title shows up beneath them and they give a one or two line hypothesis as to what has taken place. It not only introduces their character, but helps the viewers understand how they connect to the murder and the victim, planting the seeds for later on potential evidence. All eyes are focused on Poirot and due to the camera acts as his eyes — our perspective into the setting — it feels oddly intimate.

Murder on the Orient Express Film 2017 trailers and the spoilers within them are turning into a big issue in the movie industry — with everyone, from the director of Terminator: Genisys to Colin Trevorrow of Jurassic World disclosing about it. But this trailer is a prime example of how to tease a story, bringing up the setting and promote a film without having to unveil, well, utterly anything.

Murder on the Orient Express movie 2017  is set to be released on Nov. 10. Hopefully later teasers will keep follow in this trailer’s footsteps in the near future.

Murder on the Orient Express Movie 2017 – The master of teasing
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