Movie Review: The Maze Runner movie 2014 by James Dashner

He doesn’t remember his own age or his family, all he remember is his name. Yet he finds himself fighting for survival. It’s The Maze Runner movie 2014

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When Thomas finds himself trapped in the middle of a maze unable to escape, and surrounded by other boys of varying ages some of whom have been trapped for two years, he knows he has to do something. He knows there must be a way out, that there’s a reason for them being there – but what is it? And is it worth dying to find out the truth? Does the desire for freedom beat the need to survive?

This isn’t the first time I’ve read The Maze Runner but when I realized that James Dashner is producing another prequel in September – no lie, I was jumping around the house in excitement for the entire rest of the evening. I decided I must re-read the series and the second time around it was even better than I remembered!

I really love the characters and their diverse personalities. I think James Dashner has done a really good job at having characters with all the different personalities and emotions that I think you would face in a situation such as being in the glade.

One of my favourite things when reading a book is trying to relate myself to the characters especially when the book is set in an extreme circumstance like The Maze Runner is.

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I found I could relate to almost all of the characters in different ways. I really like how even though people typically expect boys to be strong and able to handle all situations, Thomas wasn’t portrayed as this really strong, emotionless character. Instead, he was a character that wanted to fight, that knew there was an explanation and reason for what was happening and he was going give everything it took to escape from his imprisonment.

But there were also times when we witnessed another side of the character, when we caught the awkward and emotional side when Thomas got upset and cried or had to go and ‘hide’ from the other Gladers as they were stressing him out and he got intimidated. I believe this is a really positive portrayal of a young boy especially in a situation so intense.

There’s a quote that’s quite popular from the book that goes “If you ain’t scared, you ain’t human.” And it’s true so I’m glad that James Dashner didn’t make Thomas or any of the other characters unrealistically strong and emotionless.

I really loved the story, I know a lot of people will compare it to things like Lost, Lord Of The Flies etc, but I haven’t really read or seen any of those things, so it felt much more original to me. I’m also really into mazes and to read a book where they’re stuck in a maze was really cool!

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This book puts an interesting twist on your typical YA novel now. Many of post-apocalyptic YA books are based in certain parts of America like Divergent is set in Chicago and The Hunger Games is set in North America but I liked how The Maze Runner is much more claustrophobic than that and is based in a much, much smaller area of land.

James Dashner is extremely talented in writing really gripping sequences, there are scenes I remembered from the reading the book the first time around but there were so many things I had completely forgotten and felt brand new to me although I was reading them for the second. He writes really scary scenes where you’re on the edge of your seat and you have no idea what’s going to happen next. It’s so thrilling and you can’t help but keep turning the pages even after it’s gone midnight.

When I first read The Maze Runner – just under a year ago now I think – I thought it was just going to be another quite successful YA thing that everyone became obsessed with but I didn’t know how much I was going to fall in love with this series. It’s even greater than The Hunger Games, it’s greater than Divergent and I’m so glad that James Dashner wrote this franchise because it’s out of this world!

I really suggest reading this book, whether you’ve seen the film and really loved it or really hated it then you should still read this book because there are so many great elements that they miss out on screen! Or if you’ve wanted to read this novel but haven’t got time for it, go to your local library and reserve it or borrow it from a friend, whatever you do, you will never regret doing it and soon you will become as obsessed with this story and the characters like I am.

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Movie Review: The Maze Runner movie 2014 by James Dashner
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