Mother! 2017 Movie Is a remake of Rosemary’s Baby, Can it be?

For a film that’s expected to be releasing next month, Mother! 2017 moviedefinitely hasn’t unveiled much details involving its mysterious story. However, there’s still quite a bit of details involving Darren Aronofsky’s return to moviemaking that can be glued together into one big question surrounding the movie’s plot.


It’s a question that’s raised as the very art that was revealed recently, which you can see down below, and makes us ask this question: is Mother! 2017 movie a subtle remake of Roman Polanski’s Rosemary’s Baby.

Before diving any further, let us warn you that this is all guessing, based on the materials that exist obviously for the movie. That being said, the pieces are starting to piece together, and we’ll lead you through the steps to get to our thoughts. Starting with the new promo which is personally shared by Darren Aronofsky.

It’s pretty harmless on the surface to most people, making the movie seem even more like a horror film than we’ve seen it before. But if you’re truly a horror fan, it should look pretty familiar to you, as it’s a direct copy of that from Rosemary’s Baby. Shared down below, for reference, is the main art for Roman Polanski’s classic horror:

Rosemary's Baby v Mother! 2017 movie

Now that alone is quite hard to be noticed, we must admit. A poster made to look similar to another movie’s campaign is hardly the proof that one is trying to recreate another classic. If that were true, then surprise! A Made a Halloween would be set as canon for both Halloween and The Exorcist. But if you really dissect what the mother! 2017 film trailer brought, you’ll notice that the evidence begins to pile up relating Aronofsky’s latest to Paramount’s work. Particularly, line from Javier Bardem’s character appears to really tell us a lot about what we should expect.

Rosemary's Baby v Mother! 2017 movie

Firstly, there’s no doubt that Bardem seem extremely shady in mother! 2017 movie, just based on what’s reveiled in the ad. He starts off as a nice and gentle man, but gradually starting to show that kind of sleazy charm we’ve seen before as the villain in Skyfall and Pirates of the Caribbean Dead Men Tell No Tales. And then he begins saying things that really start to push the crazy factor, like “They’ve come here to see me”, when regarding the mob of people that’s constantly showing up to the house he lives with Mother! Jennifer Lawrence. Even more shady is the fact that he hysterically screams “All I’m trying to do is bring life into this house”, a sentiment he marries to towards the beginning of the promo, but in a more soothing tone and with slightly different wording.

Rosemary's Baby v Mother! 2017 movie

This appears to conclude that either Javier Bardem is either the Devil himself, or a leader of a cult worshipping Old Scratch among his group of followers. That life he might be attempting to breathe into the house might be the son of the devil, and the new concepts he’s hoping to bring about just might be leading to Revelations.

Not to mention, one of the other posters formerly revealed features Bardem’s character seated, enveloped in flame, and with the world in his hand. There must be something horribly wrong happening, and Jennifer Lawrence is at its center, which is quite alike to how Mia Farrow was the odd man out in Rosemary’s Baby. With even Rosemary’s husband being part of the devious scheme to use her as the mother of Satan’s child, the whole movie is the battle between the world and Rosemary, much like the world appears to be turning against Lawrence’s Veronica.

Even the title, Mother!, implies that maternity is the center of this film’s plot. Though Michelle Pfeiffer has some excitingly mysterious quote of her own in Mother! film trailer “You give, and you give, and you give. It’s just never enough”. A sacrifice, much like Lawrence’s heart in the truly thrilling first poster showed (pictured at the top). With that peaceful, heavenly smile on her face as she offers that organ to the audience, it likely suggests that even if she’s not going to be the mother of the Devil’s child, she’s more than seemingly a sacrificial entity at the center of whatever scheme is at stake.

In short, here’s where we think things stand: Jennifer Lawrence and Javier Bardem together live in this house, somehow all of these strange, uninvited people appear. Somehow, these people have a picture of Bardem’s character, which is probably the reason. Why are they all here? Because, Javier Bardem is a cult leader or The Devil himself, and he wants to use his bride to relive those thousand years of darkness we’ve all heard about. This could be through a child or a sacrifice.

Either way, this seems pretty creepy, and it wouldn’t be surprising if Michelle Pfeiffer and Ed Harris turned out to be Bardem’s parents, with Pfeiffer being the dominant or the evil presence one. A woman who knows nothing about this type of thing is encircled by Satan worshippers, and may be the core for the Antichrist itself. Pretty much sounds like Rosemary’s Baby.

So, is mother! 2017 full movie really a remake? While it can definitely be true, we’d like to believe that there’s another turn, judging by Darren Aronofsky’s previous work which can be read on for our summary.

Darren Aronofsky isn’t new to use someone else’s material for his personal unique twist. Thinking back to Requiem for a Dream, there’s a detail that was replicated from the anime movie Perfect Blue, and Aronofsky bought the rights to the whole movie to allow it happens. Though depending on who, this measure also covered all bases when he created Black Swan, which was another movie that the world loves to compare to Perfect Blue.

So who’s to say that setting up mother! 2017 movie at Paramount isn’t a clever way of Aronofsky letting himself to largely copy from Rosemary’s Baby without having to recreate the movie outright? If anything, this appears to be a quite strong case for what’s going on here, but we won’t know how right we are until it comes out. But thinking on what sort of director Darren Aronofsky is, it seems like the movie was more of an inspiration than an absolute remake. Direct remakes don’t quite his style, but strongly influenced pseudo-remakes are pretty in line.

However odd this may seem, there’s still one undeniable relation to the legacy of Rosemary’s Baby that lies in mother! 2017 IMDB credited Stephen McHattie as a cast member. Should this turn out to be true, the man who portrayed the grown-up Adrian, Rosemary’s baby himself, in the TV movie Look What Happened To Rosemary’s Baby appears in this particular movie.

But then again, that could be a total coincidence, right? Let’s see how right we are when mother! 2017 movie is released on September 15.

Mother! 2017 Movie Is a remake of Rosemary’s Baby, Can it be?
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