What Mother! 2017 Movie Actually Holds, Darren Aronofsky Details

Darren Aronofsky often makes traditional or straightforward movies, and his latest work mother! seems like one of his weirdest films to existence. Theories about the movie’s actual meaning have varied from a simple horror-thriller to a backdoor remake of Rosemary’s Baby, but now the Black Swan director has clarified to give us a clearer picture of what’s approaching. Apparently, at its core, Aronofsky regards Mother! 2017 movie as an attribute for the mistreatment and devastation of our own planet. Aronofsky said:

It really involves the allegory of Mother! 2017 movie and what we’re trying to do there. If you think about Day 6 in your history or might as well in your bibles, you’ll likely make out where the movie begins. Most of my work takes many, many years to come to life. It took 10 years for Black Swan, 20 years for Noah. And this movie only happened in just five days. It was the weirdest thing. It came out of living on this planet and kind of seeing what’s going on around us and not being able to do anything about it. I just had a lot of rage and anger and I just wanted to convey it through one sole emotion, one feeling.

Mother! 2017 movie

So the meaning of the title directs to the conventional concept of Mother Earth, with Jennifer Lawrence’s character – literally credited as “mother” – representing the human embodiment of that very idea. Played as submissive and unable to strike back, her role takes the abuse and damage given to her by the other characters in the movie, and undergoes the burden of those surrounding her.

In this way, Aronofsky is saying that it relates to the way in which – in his own perspective – the Earth can’t do anything but position itself in space as humanity takes advantage of it, extends its “endless consumption”, and relentlessly contributes to global warming. Because this key idea originates from living in the real world, he also claims the story flowed out of him much faster than most of his other work.

mother! 2017 movie

Darren Aronofsky’s comments actually make so much more sense when we look at the way in which the movie has been advertised, as well as what we’ve been shown of Jennifer Lawrence’s character. Much of the promotional material showing Lawrence has describes her as an innocent-looking woman encircled by nature. Moreover, her character often wears shoes in the film, which delivers a naturalistic, almost Garden of Eden-like sensibility to her role.

With a little over a week left until mother! 2017 movie Hits the box offices, make sure to check out a trailer for the film below to see more of Darren Aronofsky’s bizarre new project.

The new mother! 2017 film has already been shown for critics, and it will make its debut in theaters later this month on September 15. Looking forward to the rest of this year, take a peek at our movie premiere guide for more information on the rest of 2017’s greatest and most highly anticipated box office releases.

What Mother! 2017 Movie Actually Holds, Darren Aronofsky Details
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