Marvel amazing heroes in Captain America Civil War!

Marvel Studio made a promise of bring us Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) with a bunch of Marvel amazing heroes, and they have done it so perfect!

Since Iron Man in 2008, Marvel Studio has given us not only cinematic adaption of Marvel’s greatest superheroes, but also superheroes we can get along with, cheer for them, pain with them. We have spent hours enjoying Captain America, Iron Man, Black Widow, the Hulk, Thor, Hawkeye, the Guardians of the Galaxy, Ant Man, so many others get into action. All of those heroes not only have their talents but also their inner lives and inner struggles that attract us to watch them. For instance, Tony Stark (Robert Downey Jr.) is constantly measuring himself against the values of his father and finding himself wanting, or Steve Rogers (Chris Evans) has steadfast beliefs that, while true for him, conflict with the politics and the needs of the modern day. The MCU movies have never been lacking for spectacle, and they never will.

Captain America Civil War

Captain America Civil War – a new level of heroes

In Captain America Civil War (or Civil War), Marvel Studios has brought their fulfillment of their promise to a new level and then some, resulting in what could be the best superhero movie yet. Captain America Civil War couldn’t have gotten here any other way but being a part of MCU to have all previous movie setting up its story’s background and investment of audience investment in these characters that makes the emotional resonance of what happens in Civil War even possible. We have watched the Marvel heroes’ relationships build and be tested, and Captain America Civil War is payoff for much of what we’ve seen with these characters so far. Moments of quiet conversation become riveting, intense moments because we are so engaged with these people – even the new ones, who although are placed right in the thick of things, are no less compelling than the ones we’re already familiar with.

Here you can check the 2 team – Team Cap and team Iron, which side are you?

I would have spoiled the movie if I talk too much about the plot. In short, the world leaders have enough of destruction following up with Avengers’s feats and an accord has been presented, which split the team; tension rises when history of Winter Soldier revealed. It could be said that this is a complicated plot but has been transmit clearly to audience thanks to the filmmaking team. It is so graceful how the directors – Russo brothers -, the cinematographer – Trent Opaloch -, and the screenwriters – Christopher Markus and Stephen McFeely – tell this story, giving us bits of information and character development, so that during the film’s devastating third act our home is on the edges.

Captain America Civil War deepens and expands on already-established characters in terrific ways, but the real joy of the movie lies in the introduction of two new superheroes: Spiderman and Black Panther.

T’Challa (Chadwick Boseman), a.k.a Black Panther, is a noble, righteous prince of Wakanda, and when his kingdom comes under attack, he seeks for justice and vengeance for himself and his people. I love the ferocity of Black Panther’s attacks, but even more, I love the innate goodness of the regal T’Challa, and Chadwick Boseman brings real empathy and emotion to the role. He leaves the audience wanting more. I foresee that Black Panther will do well when it released.

Let’s enjoy the best figh scene of Captain America Civil War with Black Panther here:

For Spiderman, we all know him through 5 movies made by Sony. But only after the deal between Sony and Marvel, Spiderman gets his rightful place between superheroes on cinema – a part of MCU. Since his appearance in Civil War, audiences are looking forward to watch the Spiderman that they truly love – the “friendly neighborhood” Spiderman in comic. He fights exactly like we imagined he would on screen – fast, formidable, skilled, and always popping a quip or a joke. We’re sure dying to see him in his standalone Spiderman: Homecoming.

While there are a few more films in Phase III to go before we get to Avengers Infinity War, and new characters to introduce, the confidence of Marvel Studios in taking us there is overwhelmingly strong. Until then, we’ll just have to settle for the glory of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Captain America Civil War isn’t just perfect summer entertainment – this is one of the best blockbusters ever made.

Marvel amazing heroes in Captain America Civil War!
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