Wolverine appear in Logan  graying and tired. His claw stick between his knuckles and lost their snikt-snikt responsiveness. He’s drinking a lot and it seems he’s dying since his healing factor is not as good as it used to be. Not only his healing factor worst but also his fighting instinct, guys he would have taken out can get him on his back.

The rage-filled, drunk, foul-mouthed Wolverine who never got to fully surface in the previous X-Men movies is finally joining his buddy Deadpool in the world of grown-up cinema when the Logan  is set as R-rated, and it’s the perfect way for him to end his run.

Logan  is Hugh Jackman’s last adventure as Wolverine after his nine times wield the claws. Not that people don’t love him or the character, just Jackman decide to pull out while he’s still on top, and Logan  is the character at his peak: slightly broken, angry, and still in possession of just enough heart to make him insanely sympathetic. If he wasn’t a mutant in a comic-book movie, he’d be downright relatable.

The Logan Movie Wolverine Deserves

Wolverine has always been the sole grown-up stuck on Xavier’s Island of Misfit Heroes. He’s a lone wolf urging to go solo. As Old Man Logan  in Logan , he finally gets to be the salty dog everyone always suspected he was. Of course, just because Logan  shows Wolverine in all his grizzled glory doesn’t mean he stays free of other mutants’ drama. This time, it’s daddy issues.

The movie takes place in 2029, and Logan  has sequestered himself away in Mexico, driving a limo to make money while taking care of an ailing, seizure-prone Charles Xavier (Patrick Stewart). He’d happily stay off the grid forever, but a young girl named Laura (Dafne Keen) shows up wielding some very familiar-looking adamantium claws. She, along with a group of other children, were created by a nefarious research firm to be child soldiers.

They escaped, and are heading to Canada to seek refuge, but Laura got separated from her brood and is being tracked. She needs Logan ‘s help more than ever. However, our hero initially wants no part of it since he’s out of the X-game, and sees no obligation to assist. Then, he finds his name in Laura’s medical files. Logan , Professor X join Laura in road trip leaving a trail of carnage behind them.

About Bloody Time

The movie rated as R allows him, and his daughter to slice and dice in ways Wolverine has never really done onscreen before. For previous X-Men movies, the camera has winced or cut away when things bloody, but in this movie, everything is laid out in. It is brutal, but highly gratifying for fans longing to see Weapon X go full berserker.

Saying any more would spoil the experience, but know this: Logan  earns its keep and its rating. The cursing and carnage aren’t just there for fun. They’re there because Logan  is about finding redemption in an imperfectly lived life. Removing them would change the entire story since it takes place in dark time. The X-Men have always been about celebrating outcasts, but Logan  was the one most on the fringe. If he was going to find any kind of solace, he was going to have to go to some bleak places first.

Jackman swears this is his last trip with Wolvy, but he’s would come back joining with Wade Wilson in a future Deadpool movie. It’s likely we’re going to see Jackman as Wolverine again in capable hands of Keen, but this is where Wolverine, as movie fans know him, should end. He has saved the day enough, it’s time to retire and give the stage for someone else in LOGAN.

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