Logan Lucky: Steven Soderbergh’s Bank Heist Pays Off

Steven Soderbergh is officially back in the director’s chair with Logan Lucky.

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Despite the title’s suggestion, the Logan family could not be called lucky with droll bartender Clyde (Adam Driver) lost an arm in the Iraq war, while his big brother Jimmy (Channing Tatum) has been fired from his job fixing sinkholes. The family’s younger sister Mellie (Riley Keough) fares a little better as a joyriding hairdresser. The three follow Jimmy’s to-do list to stage a heist in a bid to rewrite their family history enlisting the help of local prison inmate and explosives expert Joe Bang (Daniel Craig). The movie starts with Jimmy just getting unfairly fired from his construction job at the Nascar track. Set upon payback, Jimmy plans to rob his former employer, and that job needs a ragtag crew including Clyde, Mellie and Joe.

It’s bizarre to see Craig with a bleached buzz cut, but he’s one of the very best things in Logan Lucky movie with his scene of flirting with a nurse in a slightly off southern drawl or fashioning a gummy bear bomb. Though, the prison break and heist scenes are slickly and efficiently staged, and the movie’s great strength is its good nature. Soderbergh sets his crime caper in West and features a beauty pageant, a saloon bar and a cameo from country-pop star LeAnn Rimes. However, not all the movie’s jokes are about the south. There’s a warm wackiness to the humor and a gag about the Game of Thrones books.

The director gets his career and his groove back terminating a retirement none of us believed in anyway. His returns with Logan Lucky is awesome. The movie is a terrifically stylish and laid-back heist comedy about robbing a Nascar racetrack in West Virginia with John Denver’s Take Me Home and Country Roads serving as its anthem. The story is written by mysterious first-timer Rebecca Blunt, who has yet to show up for interviews or media appearances.

The movie is quite similar to great caper Ocean’s Eleven from 2001 and the classic Two-Way Stretch. It’s funny, beguiling and smart, although, the movie maybe doesn’t deliver the sugar rush of excitement achieved by Danny Ocean and his crew. Sometimes, the tempo is a little like an unhurried, evenly paced country number when some bluegrass is in order. Still, it’s very droll, acted with deadpan aplomb, and there is such casual brilliance to Soderbergh’s visual compositions.

Logan Lucky movie is supremely watchable, but rarely, if ever, it commits itself to genuine jeopardy or suspense. Instead of edge-of-the-seat moments, there are gags and clever touches and excellent performances.

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Logan Lucky: Steven Soderbergh’s Bank Heist Pays Off
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  • nobu koarchey

    This is a brilliantly subtle and delightfully clever comedy. It is much more sophisticated than I was expecting. The script is superb and the story line is compelling and full of surprise. The movie goes with a pacing less frantic than one might expect, but this serves to allow breathing room for the plot.. This is an endearing and intelligent film. It is a unique and beautifully craft an experience that is enjoyed by everyone. An exceptionally funny film with a heart of gold.

  • lemuel prine

    It’s totally worth watching. It is two hours of solid and unpretentious entertainment. It isn’t the best of Soderbergh, but the only reason it excels over other of his works is because this movie tells you directly what you will see and that is exactly what it delivers.

  • lily lyden

    There is disappointment with this film, and I understand why. The movie seems to be very bored and put off with an artificial and confusing beginning, but once it got going, the film is great with all the performances, especially Daniel Craig. Still, since the film doesn’t doing great business, the hint at a sequel probably won’t amount to anything.

  • yuko carignan

    Just in case, you didn’t pick up on that the first time, another scene with Tatum and his daughter simply there to highlight his money problems. He loves his daughter so it’s ok for him to pull off this heist because deep down he’s a good person. It’s a heist movie, and at the end, it was both rushed and dragged out all at the same time. For me Daniel Craig stole the show but the whole cast worked very well together. Recommended.

  • esmeralda ritchey

    Complex but poorly directed and dull even in its complexity. There is no sense of the pieces of the heist getting together to drive the excitement and anticipation. It’s just noir-by-the-numbers. Too bad for a movie.

  • malcolm cantara

    Very subtle movie, but none the less, it is perfect. There are a lot of cliché’s in it, but they are good cliché’s. I’d recommend this movie to anybody.

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