Kingsman The Golden Circle Full Movie – First Impression

Eggsy makes a comeback to the big screen – Kingsman The Golden Circle full movie online— and so do a couple of characters you thought you’d seen the last of them — in this over-the-top, boldly stylized comic-book secret agent sequel.

Kingsman The Golden Circle full movie online

As if the first “Kingsman” weren’t fantastic enough, with its blade-legged assassin lady and gratuitous exploding-heads ending, the following one – Kingsman The Golden Circle full movie -has gone and pushed the series’ cheeky brand of absurdity even further. The silliness starts with the resurrection of two essential characters, whose unambiguous deaths we saw in the previous film.

First, there’s Charlie, a new rival secret spy portrayed by Edward Holcroft, whose head fell off in that notorious fireworks scene, now return with a bionic arm and a new director. Plus Colin Firth’s character, flawlessly suited up spy-master Harry Hart, who took a bullet to his eye — comes back from the death to tell about it.

Kingsman The Golden Circle full movie online

Firth was nearly the best thing about the 2015 witty-spy film, an ultra-stylized surprise sensation from the director of “Kick-Ass” Matthew Vaughn that grossed a solid $414 million worldwide, and Harry Hart’s death was a total loss. But his return is a cheat, and it technically swoops away any sense of risk in Kingsman The Golden Circle full movie which starts off with a new insane antagonist named Poppy (Julianne Moore) blowing up all except for two of the old Kingsman clan.

Are they really dead? Well, the geo-targeted missiles definitely seem accurate, but if Harry Hart can survive after a deadly head injury — and if Charlie can do the same losing his head altogether — don’t be shocked to see any or all of them appear again in a sequel.

Kingsman The Golden Circle full movie online

Later, when a huge character from Kingsman The Golden Circle full movie decided to blow himself up in their honor, not only does that act seem undeserving (you would want to tell him to wait, since Vaughn and co-writer Jane Goldman will definitely try to bring them back, especially Roxy the right-hand woman), but it also makes audiences wonder if he’s really gone.

Basically, Vaughn is playing with gravity here: When you mess with the basic rules of action-movie storytelling as thoroughly as the “Kingsman” franchise does, then these journeys may as well be happening on the moon, where an ordinary human can reach tall buildings. It blurs the stakes and makes it extremely hard to know what, if anything, the risks of executing in such an otherwise-lethal world are.

Kingsman The Golden Circle full movie online

The same applies for Harry’s “retrograde amnesia”: He may not have died, but he’s forgotten who he truly is, remembering only his fantasy from childhood to be a butterfly collector. Now his minders — Halle Berry, Jeff Bridges and Channing Tatum, cashing millions of dollars to be members of Kingsman’s counterpart, Statesman — need to recreate an old trauma in order to “reset” his brain.

Did Kingsman The Golden Circle 2017 online have to kill off almost every character (except for Mark Strong’s Merlin, who’s still there to bring tactical support) just to introduce Statesman, which operates behind the cover of a successful whiskey brand, in contrary to Kingsman’s luxurious Saville Row suit shop.

Then, if Harry’s almost the best thing about Kingsman The Golden Circle 2017 full movie, what comes first, you may wonder? Well, that would be no one else but Eggsy, as portrayed by charming Welsh model actor Taron Egerton, whose jawline is so sharp he it practically chop wood. He’s not horrifically convincing as a hero in action, and even less so in dramatic takes, but he absolutely is adorable to watch. While not shy on slashing, the previous “Kingsman” mainly focused on Eggsy’s development from a streetwise hood into a mercurial young super secret agent — basically, the film was a cross between “My Fair Lady” and James Bond, as Eggsy learned to dress nice, talk properly and protect the world from the villains, taking his shirt off just occasionally enough to remind what Kingsman The Golden Circle full movie was actually selling.

Kingsman The Golden Circle full movie online

Egerton’s chin appears even squarer now, as if that were possible, and he’s growing old quicker than the two-year time leap would suggest, which means it will be a lot harder for future projects to play the boyish-charm card. Here, we see him agreeing to enjoy dinner with the king and queen of Sweden, since his girlfriend (Hanna Alström) is coincidentally their daughter — which, one supposes, puts this Kingsman in queue for the Swedish throne.

Narratively speaking, nothing about their romance makes sense, even though it’s lovely to see Vaughn do something new, as it entirely changes the dynamic we’ve been used to when spies are asked to seduce hot-babes for queen and country: In this case, Eggsy must ask permission from Princess Tilde before hiding a tracking device into a vixen’s most private part.

But hold old. All of this happening is due to Poppy, the world’s most successful drug dealer — whom Moore describes as Martha Stewart mixed with a devious housewife in 1950s, and whose base is a Mayan ruin she has advanced with American-style movie theater and soda pop — aims to make her wares legal. To force the policy upon the president, she introduces an ingredient into her product that will infect and eventually kill all drug users in the world if they don’t have her antidote in time — which makes absolutely no sense, and that the president appears to believe would be doing him a favor, effectively putting and end to the war on drugs in just one swoop. (Vaughn obviously assumes most of his viewers do drugs, normalizing the act by unveiling Eggsy’s girlfriend and Channing Tatum’s character as potential victims, if they are not swift).

The word “absurdity” isn’t even strong enough to describe this story, which also includes killer robot dogs and an additional Elton John cameo — basically, an excuse to show off his most flashy suits and to score over-the-top action shots to “The Bitch Is Back” (Poppy’s theme, but also kind of Elton’s, once he busts out the kung-fu) and “Saturday Night’s All Right for Fighting”. There’s Charlie involving with his bionic arm, a Statesman spy called Whiskey (Pedro Pascal) with an electric lasso and a few too many sequences in which people get forced into Poppy’s industrial meat-grinder, and then cooked, and then consumed.

Kingsman The Golden Circle full movie online

Kingsman The Golden Circle 2017 is all boldly stylized, abusively quick and extremely loud, depending so heavily on CGI that nothing appears to connect to the reality. It might have been different had the 2016 U.S. presidential election ended up differently, since the idea appears to have been for Emily Watson, who portrays as the Hillary Clinton-coiffed chief of staff to Bruce Greenwood’s American president, to appear as the commander in chief.

That, at least, would have pitted a female president against a power female baddy (an over-generous way of depicting Poppy, who’s like one of the joyful Red Lobster zombies from Robin Comisar’s wicked “Great Choice” project), whereas this is just bonkers and might literally act best as a mock to past spy films. It’s not like anyone has ever criticized James Bond of being realistic, but the “Kingsman” franchise and Kingsman The Golden Circle full movie has gotten so bizarre that “Moonraker” suddenly seem reasonable by comparison.

Kingsman The Golden Circle Full Movie – First Impression
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