Kingsman The Golden Circle Full Movie Online: 11 Things You Must Not Miss

The first trailer for the highly-anticipated Kingsman The Golden Circle Full Movie Online has finally arrived. Sneek a peek at Eggy’s new state-side journey, even if it eventually ends up raising far more questions than it answers, particularly involving the fate of Colin Firth’s seemingly resurrected agent, Harry Hart.

Kingsman The Golden Circle full movie online

From the two-minute trailer of Kingsman The Golden Circle Full Movie Online, it sure appears that Matthew Vaughn’s sequel is going to raise higher the stakes and scale of the first movie, while fusing a deliriously charming new supporting cast.

Whether it surpasses the original or not, it seems like tons of fun, which is really all it takes to be to mostly succeed.

11. Roxy’s Probably Going to Die

One of the Kingsman The Golden Circle Full Movie Online trailer’s first peek of new footage shows the demure new look for Kingsman agent Roxy (a.k.a Lancelot [Sophie Cookson]), but her conspicuous absence throughout the rest of the footage has many fans assured that she’ll probably be killed off in the first act.

Unfortunately, it makes a lot of sense, and looks like a terrible shame since the great potential for her to be an interesting feminine foil for Eggsy (Taron Egerton).

10. There’s An Underwater Taxi

The original movie was obviously struggling to deliver under a modest-ish $81 million budget (for the action genre), but it appears clear that Kingsman The Golden Circle Full Movie Online has been given a much-needed cash support for a larger, crazier sequel.

Look no further than at Eggsy’s underwater taxi, which allegedly allows him more sneeky access to the Kingsman Head-Quarter when trying to cut a tail. Whatever the reason, it looks fantastic.

9. Michael Gambon Is The New Kingsman Boss

After Michael Caine’s Chester King aka Arthur revealed to be a two-faced windbag in the first movie, he seems to have been replaced by Michael Gambon’s currently unnamed Kingsman official.

Unfortunately, much like Roxy he appears unlikely to survive past Kingsman The Golden Circle Full Movie Online’s first act, and shortly after being introduced will probably be turned into smoldering ash, placing the rest of the film’s events in motion.

Kingsman The Golden Circle full movie online

8. Kingsman HQ Is Toasted

Indeed, the huge first-act event that witnesses Kingsman heading state-side to team up with their American friends is the destruction of not only the Kingsman training estate, but also the Saville Row tailors which, serves as a front for the company’s disastrous HQ.

A missile is briefly seen flying into the training area, presumably the work of the movie’s major antagonist, Poppy (Julianne Moore), causing the huge estate to collapse as though swallowed by a sinkhole.

Talk about an ambitious upgrade from the previous film’s setting.

7. Eggsy In Mourning

Eggsy is then appeared standing amid the ashy ruins of the Kingsman HQ, where he seems to be encountered by his tech support Merlin (Mark Strong), who may as well have been scared dead in the HQ event.

Probably Merlin then grabs Eggsy and starts to enact the mentioned before contingency plan, to head toward the U.S. and recruit their American allies to take on the new threat.

Strong was one of the first movie’s highlights, so it’s interesting to see his return and quite obviously having made his way out of the first act alive.

6. Stating The Obvious, Or Are They?

Somewhat hilariously, the trailer of Kingsman The Golden Circle Full Movie Online describes the new film as being “from Matthew Vaughn, the director of Kingsman: The Secret Service”, declaring that on the face of it appears like a rather glib stating of the obvious.

In fact, this is most probably a reference that Vaughn has never directed a sequel before despite coming close multiple times, either opting out of or missing out on Kick-Ass 2, X-Men: Days of Future Past and most recently Man of Steel 2.

5. Eggsy & Jack Daniels

This out-of-context still features Eggsy teamed up with one of the Statesman agents, Jack Daniels (a.k.a. Whiskey), as portrayed with clear rootin’ tootin’ appeal by the beloved Pedro Pascal.

It’s likely the two are united on an important mission of some kind, and obviously prepared for terrible weather assumed through their choices of clothing.

The American agents all being named after sorts of alcohol is just too damn amusing.

4. Taxi Mayhem

One of the big scenes featured so far includes Eggsy fighting off an enemy both inside his precious taxi and even somehow ending up on top of it, flying high into the air and amazingly not dying.

The action seems incredibly smooth and extremely controlled, which should put it leagues ahead of the first film’s often wonky, jittery action (fingers crossed).

If nothing else, the combination of CGI and practical stunt work turns out completely stunning.

3. Clara Von Gluckfberg

Cara Delevingne’s older sister Poppy makes an appearance in Kingsman The Golden Circle Full Movie Online, credited as “Clara von Gluckfberg”, shortly seen undressing for a clearly seduced Eggsy, who can’t help but throw a cheeky wink her way.

It’s quite safe to guess that she’s another member of foreign royalty or some such designation, probably serving as yet another sarcastic stab at the James Bond series, which so often treats women as “prizes” to be “achieved” by the smooth hero.

2. Statesman HQ

This is fans’ first glance at the interior of Statesman HQ, complete with huge, 10-foot tall whiskey barrels, one of which seemingly serves as a secret door or something.

As Eggsy and Merlin try to gain entry, they’re confronted by another Statesman agent, dressed in a cowboy hat, full denim get-up, and totting some heavy-duty weaponry to boot. Who could it possibly be?

1. Agent Tequila

That’s right: this is Tequila, portrayed in a huge bout of knowing casting by Channing Tatum. Tequila obviously doesn’t take too kindly to these two strangers appearing unannounced at Statesman Head-Quarter.

For a moment, there’s also a brief scene of Tequila’s incredible belt buckle, which of course doubles as a silver hip flask for a sneaky tipple.

Seriously, they should start selling this thing right now, because it would fly off the shelves

Kingsman The Golden Circle Full Movie Online: 11 Things You Must Not Miss
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