Johnny English (2003) Online Movie Review

Johnny English online movie, unimaginatively directed by Peter Howitt casting British comedian Rowan Atkinson marked the return of comedy spy movie after the time of Austin Power.

Johnny English full movie

While Atkinson is at his offbeat best, Johnny English (2003) movie is sorely routine and more often blaze than not. Every joke telegraphed far in advance of its ultimate appearance.

When the rest of England’s spies are killed in an explosion, the full responsibility of the job is placed on the shoulders of Johnny English (Rowan Atkinson), an accident-prone doofus who daydreams of being a sexy debonair hero like James Bond. In this latest mission, English has to protect the Crown Jewels, from being stolen by Frenchman Pascal Sauvage (John Malkovich). Sauvage had his royal lineage stolen from him years ago, and now, he intends to take over the whole of England and turn it into a maximum security prison. Helping the inept Johnny English on his mission is trusty assistant Bough (Ben Miller) and sexy secret agent Lorna Campbell (Natalie Imbruglia).

There are two spectacularly funny scenes in Johnny English movie online. The first one is a scene of Johnny confusing in tear-filled funeral internment and a staged one with zany results. The other one depicts Johnny mistaking a medical center and its well-meaning doctors, nurses and patients for Sauvage’s lair and its respective henchmen and hostages. Rowan Atkinson wonderfully carries out these comic highlights with a deadpan sincerity that becomes all the more uproarious when he continues to dig himself a deeper hole in the face of each misstep.

JOHNNY ENGLISH, Rowan Atkinson, 2003, (c) Universal

Written by Neal Purvis, Robert Wade, and William Davies, the movie fails to make the comedic cut. Most of the humor is not only clumsily predictable, but also enormously juvenile with unfunny jokes concerning fecal matter being flushed in Johnny’s face. Each scene is like its own little private skit as Johnny attempts to do the right thing but screwing it up, and then, he must make amends for his careless behavior. The concept gets old fast.

As Johnny’s loyal assistant, Bough (Ben Miller) splendidly slides into the part of sidekick. In a meanwhile, John Malkovich puts on a silly French accent and hams it up as main villain Pascal Sauvage. Natalie Imbruglia doesn’t attract any negative attention as palying the beautiful Lorna Campbell. Even though, there is little of note to do.

The Austin Powers movies had their fair share of flaws, but they were enlightened with some truly original. Johnny English movie pales in comparison abounding with limper jokes and less energy. All in all, even the movie is not very good, but it seems to be great start for re-debuting the comedy spy movie.

Johnny English (2003) Online Movie Review
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