IT COMES AT NIGHT – A Movie Review

It Comes At Night will appear too dark and frightful for a lot of audiences, but those that are into such dark arts will have a feast of just how pulverizing and daunting a ride it is.

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From its multiple trailers, posters, and other sorts of advertising, you might have thought that It Comes At Night is a true horror movie. It’s understandable that the movie has been made as such, but in reality, it’s unexplainable. It is also as much a psychological thriller, family drama, or a suspense movie as it is horror. But rather than being a total mess of mixed ideas, writer/director Trey Edward Shults cleverly gathers elements from theses genres and uses them to make a truly intense and unsettling story of two families struggling in their tight and constricted habitat.

Despite being filmed in August 2016, It Comes At Night movie seems deeply foreshadowing to the here and now between May and June, 2017. This means that the fear-mongering and paranoia show in the movie festers and evolves in an even more arousing and disturbing way, as it digs into your soul and makes you shiver in repulsion. This unpleasantness doesn’t diminish, too. Instead, It Comes At Night movie goes full throttle with its boldy depressing tone. While Trey Edward Shults deserves praises for not giving up this darkness, it is almost too unrewarding and saddening of a slog. At the same time, though, Shults finds some stunning visuals, and the mood is so engrossing that you’ll almost definitely feel the need to take a deep bath instantly after seeing it, which suggests that it achieves its intention.

IT COMES AT NIGHT 720p HD movie online

You shouldn’t be shocked to learn that It Comes At Night full movie starts with a death. We’re not certain about its cause. All that we know is that the man on the edge has been affected by a mysterious disease that’s so contagious, his deathbed is locked in a room away from the rest of his family, each of whom must wear masks when going near him, while Joel Edgerton’s patriarch then has to put him out of his misery by a gun shot.

With this scene, Trey Edward Shults makes an instantly intense world that’s still recognizable, yet elevated, as well as outrageously gloomy. It has also become the norms for these characters too, as shortly after we witness this death, there’s almost a calm as Paul (Joel Edgerton) and his son Travis (Kelvin Harrison Jr.) start burning the body of Bud (David Pendelton), who happens to be Travis’ grandfather. While it’s clearly heartbreaking, they know it has to be done in order to survive, and survival is all that lingers in their minds in this dreadful savagery.

But before Paul, Travis, and matriarch Sarah (Carmen Ejogo) can even properly start grieving, they are opposed by Will (Christopher Abbott), who breaks into their home, but insists that he only did that because he thought it was abandoned. Passive aggressive tension shortly begins to grip the home, which those inside are only allowed to leave if needed, and this is only worsened when Will’s wife Kim (Riley Keough) and their son Andrew (Griffin Robert Faulkner) later arrive.

It Comes At Night movie online marks the sophomore directorial work from Trey Edward Shults after Krisha in 2015, and you can definitely feel an advancement from his low-budget debut, which saw the moviemaker cast his own family for the movie. There’s a patience to the movie that helps it smolder and heighten, and due to how effective its set up is, you find yourself leaning in of your own accord despite the fact that a number of the drama builds from borderline soap opera inklings.

The performances of It Comes At Night’s four leads are so incredible that they’re able to sell these conflicts. Joel Edgerton’s Paul is too focused on doing the right thing for his family that he apparently doesn’t notice his flaws, while Carmen Ejogo’s nervous energy is contagious, the mystery encircling Christopher Abbott’s character continuously adds tension, and Kevin Harrison Jr. brings the perfect conduit between the movie and the viewer, as he nonchalantly leads you through his character’s spiral.

Obviously, all of the issues soon come to a head in a ruthless fashion. So much that It Comes At Night full  movie will be too dark and gruesome for much audiences. But those that love such dark arts will celebrate just how pulverizing and unnerving a ride it is.

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IT COMES AT NIGHT – A Movie Review
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