Iron Man Trilogy Review

There’s no better way to talk about the Marvel Cinematic Universe than to talk about the egotistical invincible armored Iron Man. It’s getting to the point where he’s becoming one of the big faces of Marvel, right alongside Spider Man and Wolverine. Anyway, let’s get into the Iron Man Trilogy.

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Iron Man

Iron man trilogy

In my opinion, the first Iron Man movie is not as good as everyone says it is. It’s not really bad or anything, just the story is fairly dull.

Tony Stark basically becomes Iron Man when he gets captured by terrorists who want him to build missiles and weapons for them. There’s an explosion that sends shrapnel into his chest, so he builds an electromagnet core and puts it in his chest to stop the shrapnel from getting to his heart. Tony makes an armor powered by his core to make his escape. Then, he perfects the armor in his lab. His friend Obidiah Stane turns out to be a bad guy, he wants the armor for himself. Tony stops him, and the movie ends with a flat-out reveal to the public that he’s Iron Man.

Though, we have to praise for Robert Downey Jr with his amazing performance as Tony Stark. He keeps a perfect balance between serious and funny of Tony’s personality.

Overall, this was a decent start, not so good but also not so bad. The action are really good, and the Iron Man armor looks fantastic. The most important is that the movie set a base for MCU.

Iron Man 2

This is the one movie in the trilogy I hate the most.

This time, Tony Stark figures out that the magnet in his chest keeping the shrapnel away from his heart is also slowly killing him. In between of his effort to save himself, a villain named Ivan Vanko teams up with Justin Hammer to beat the crap out of Tony. Also, Tony’s buddy, James Rhodes, steals his original Iron Man suit and becomes the War Machine.

All of this stuffs makes such a shame since Jon Favreau and his crew wanted to make a great movie taking audience deeper into the mind of Tony Stark, but Marvel simply wanted an advert for the Avengers. Therefore, most of cool stuffs ended up at the stage of post-production. Similar to Thor, it has more sense of a commercial rather than a movie.

Overall, this film is just okay. If you have a Saturday night and you’re really bored, I’d maybe suggest this, but if you want something to really think about, check out the last movie of the trilogy.

Iron man trilogy

Iron Man 3

This movie is truly ‘save the best for the last’ since Marvel get the point that Iron Man movies supposed to be.

All of the action scenes are well shot, choreographed and directed, and the suit looks better than ever. I really like the idea of Tony frequently having anxiety because of what happened at the end of the Avengers. When I first watched the Avengers, I was kind of confused as to why Tony just shrugged off the fact that he almost died, but now it makes perfect sense. It makes sense that Tony would seclude himself and build a small army of Iron Man suits to protect Pepper or anyone else he loves. Of course, he’s still hilarious as usual, but it’s a little more toned down and his constant sarcasm isn’t obnoxious.

Iron man trilogy

The Iron Man suits are really creative this time around, and you would think that the Mark 42 suit would get really overused and overpowered, but it’s actually utilized in the action scenes very well. First, it gets attached to Tony, then, Tony attaches it to Pepper when Killian’s men blow up the mansion, and then, Tony attaches it to Killian at the end and has the suit blow up to try and kill him. The ending is just marvelous, where all of the suits Tony has been building get sent to the oil rig to fight alongside with him then he makes all of them to explode.

Let’s watch Iron Man suits the video here:

Overall, the first two Iron Man movie aren’t so bad, but they are only enjoyable on a base level, but then coming to the third movie, Marvel has nailed it.

Iron Man Trilogy Review
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