Insidious Chapter 4 is official, let’s get some detail of it.

It seems to be Elise Rainier (Lin Shaye) is the center of Insidious since she returns in both sequel and prequel of Insidious despite the seeming end of her fate in Insidious.  It looks like Elise and the darkness she seeks to vanquish will be returning for a fourth round of battle, as Insidious Chapter 4 has just been confirmed for 2017. 

Insidious chapter 4 trailer

No story details or any other cast members have been revealed, but The Wrap confirms that we will witness the return of Lin Shaye as Elise in the next part of Insidious franchise. In addition to Lin Shaye’s participation, the release date of Insidious Chapter 4 full movie is marked in October 20, 2017 with Adam Robitel being named as the director, and series co-creator Leigh Whannell as writer.

Despite the lack of official details of Insidious Chapter 4‘s story, we can predict that the plot will be another bridge story between Elise’s emergence from retirement in Insidious Chapter 3 and her death in Insidious. Of course, looking at the way Insidious Chapter 2 handled Elise’s fate, this isn’t the only option, but merely the best one available.

Thinking of the way Insidious Chapter 2 setting Elise as a useful spirit that could help former partners Specs and Tucker in their further investigations into “The Further” and all of its incursions into our world, there’s a possibility that Insidious Chapter 4 could take place in the modern day. In fact, if the folks behind the successful franchise wanted to set a logical end point for Elise Rainer’s story, they could craft this most recent film into a swan song that ties up her story, leaving future installments able to deal with new ghosts and a completely fresh slate of new characters. However, without Elise, any future chapters of the Insidious saga would more than likely fail, as the story would feel disjointed from the rest of the series.

Insidious chapter 4 Cast

Lin Shaye will return as Elise Rainier for sure, and as we may see some of her childhood, Ava Kolker and Hana Hayes have been cast as ‘teenage’ and ‘young’ Elise respectively.

It is thought that demonologists Specs and Tucker (Leigh Whannell and Angus Sampson) will return.

Josh Stewart will also appear in an unknown role.

We will give you more updates about the Insidious chapter 4 cast as soon as we get them!


Insidious chapter 4 full movie News & Rumors

Leigh Whannell will participate in writing the screenplay.

We may have Jason Blum, Oren Peli and co-creator James Wan all on board to produce.

On the other side of the lens, Lin Shaye is set to reprise her role as parapsychologist Elise Rainier.

Insidious chapter 4 Trailer

So far, Blumhouse have only graced us with a cheeky teaser trailer, starring Lin Shaye and Leigh Whannell. Check out the Insidious chapter 4 trailer online and tell us your feeling about it.

Insidious Chapter 4 is official, let’s get some detail of it.
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