Insidious Chapter 4 Full Movie: The Last Key Is Not Part of the ‘Conjuring’ Universe

Universal/Comcast Corp. has dropped the first trailer of Insidious Chapter 4 Full Movie The Last Key, which is the fourth chapter in the ongoing Insidious franchise.

Insidious Chapter 4 Full Movie The Last Key

Insidious Chapter 4 Full Movie: The Last Key franchises is a team-up effort between the guys who wrote (Leigh Whannell) and directed (James Wan) Saw and the folks who produced Paranormal Activity (Oren Peli and Jason Blum). That is amusing since the emergence of Paranormal Activity helped kill the Saw franchise two years prior. Still, thanks to that effort, we have a great franchise to see on cinema.

As Insidious 2 breaking out, it was a curious release as the movie arguably benefited as much from James Wan’s other haunted house horror thriller The Conjuring as it did from Insidious popularity. Otherwise, it would be a clear-cut breakout sequel. Because of that and the fact that the first two movies of Insidious and Conjuring franchises both featuring Patrick Wilson and were directed by James Wan, moviegoers would be forgiven for assuming that Insidious: Chapter 2 has something connecting to or may be a part of what is now the Conjuring Universe.

Insidious Chapter 4 full movie

However, things don’t work that way. Since the popular of The Conjuring Universe has become over the last few years, we arguably have a situation not unlike The Vow where we all had to tell folks that the Rachel McAdams/Channing Tatum romantic drama was not based on a Nicholas Sparks novel. Therefore, for the record, Insidious Chapter 4 Full Movie: The Last Key is not part of the Conjuring Universe. For one thing, the first two Insidious movies were distributed by Film District while the 2015 prequel of Insidious Chapter 3, which earned $112 million worldwide on a $10m budget, is released by Focus and Insidious Chapter 4 Full Movie: The Last Key is handled by Universal. Of note, the movies look pretty solid, and it’s great and amused that Lynn Shaye has now become the star of her own franchise, especially considering she perished at the end of the first movie.

Insidious Chapter 4 full movie

The picture is going to be released on Jan. 5, 2018, and that means the movie continues the long-standing tradition, which starts with White Noise in 2005, of kicking off the New Year with a schlocky/grindhouse horror movie.

That’s a great way for folks to get out of a break from the holiday biggies, and it would-be Oscar contenders. Some were better than others and some were more successful than others, but it’s become something to look forward to as the old year transitions into the New Year. If Insidious Chapter 4 Full Movie: The Last Key makes as least $92m worldwide, it’ll be, by default, the biggest grossing “first weekend in January” horror movie thus far.

Insidious Chapter 4 Full Movie: The Last Key Is Not Part of the ‘Conjuring’ Universe
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