[Review] Insidious Chapter 3 Is Better Than You Might Expect!

Ladies and gentlemen, we are taking one more trip to The Further. Yet again, we enter the eerie, foggy and desolate realm of the afterlife to get the bebeerus scared out of us. By that criterionInsidious Chapter 3 movie is largely successful. Leigh Whannell makes his directorial debut here, while he certainly takes some cues from his collaborator and friend, James Wan, his addition to the Insidious mythos is self-assured in its own right.

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As in most horror movies having been a part of a franchise, the ending leaves the door open for another sequel, but thankfully, Whannell decided to move in a different direction with making Insidious Chapter 3 as a sequel of Insidious: Chapter 2 but a prequel of Insidious.

Unlike the first two installmentsInsidious 3 doesn’t start with a bang since Whannell realized that he must introduce us to some new characters and a different storyline. Insidious 3 movie starts with Quinn Brenner (Stefanie Scott) arriving on the doorstep of Elise’s home and begging the psychic to contact her recently deceased mother. Elise can tell that Quinn has been trying to contact her dead mother on her own volition, and she warns the girl about what can happen when one tries to contact the dead. After her initial reluctance, Elise agrees to try to contact Quinn’s mother, but very soon into the impromptu séance, Elise becomes spooked and calls it off.

Quinn returns home with disappointment. Ignoring Elise’s advice to avoid trying to contact the dead, Quinn once again attempts to contact her mother. This time, things get weird. One night, before Quinn takes the stage to audition for a prestigious acting school in New York, she sees a shadowy figure preternaturally waving to her just off stage. She shakes it off and proceeds with her lackluster audition. Afterward, Quinn heads home and spots the figure waving to her once again. Following that figure leads Quinn to a horrible accident. She has multiple broken bones in both legs. Now, Quinn must rely on her father Sean (Dermot Mulroney) for all her basic needs.

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The events surrounding Quinn are becoming increasingly threatening now that she is incapacitated. After Quinn is attacked in her room, Sean decides to seek for Elise’s help to alleviate his daughter’s suffering. Elise hesitantly agrees to help the troubled girl. That is when Elise needs to seek for the tormentor in The Further, and by that, she has to face her old nemesis. Elise refuses to go on with the session fearing for her own life.

Out of choice, Sean call on the help of Spectral Sightings – an internet ghost hunting duo comprised of Specs and Tucker. Meanwhile, Elise calls on her old friend Carl for moral support, and he recounts the story of how they helped a young Josh Lambert overcome his demon. She returns to the Brenner household, determined to enter The Further once again, not only to confront Quinn’s demon, The Man Who Can’t Breathe (Michael Reid MacKay), but some of her own as well.

Insidious Chapter 3 full movie could be the strongest entry in the series. The narrative is much tighter than in the original installment and doesn’t become convoluted like it did in Insidious Chapter 2. There are some nagging unanswered questions, but aside from that, Whannell makes a lot of strong moves. He infuses more humor into the storyline, and he benefits greatly by prominently featuring crowd-favorite Elise.

The young lead, Stephanie Scott, acquits herself quite well, and she provides the needed depth to her character. We instantly like the sensitive, intelligent and earnest Quinn. As the main antagonist, The Man Who Can’t Breathe acts as an apt metaphor for the death of Quinn’s mother from cancer.

Much like the first two movies of the franchise, the jump scares in Insidious Chapter 3 become pretty redundant, but the humor and solid acting carry the day. Suspend your disbelief for about an hour and a half, and you will be well rewarded.

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[Review] Insidious Chapter 3 Is Better Than You Might Expect!
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