Inbetweeners 2 Review: More of the foulest, dirtiest and wackiest jokes you’ll ever see

They have returned! Not just Inbetweeners Simon, Jay, Neil and Will but more of the foulest, dirtiest and wackiest jokes you’ll ever see.

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With jokes revolving around a poo whizzing down a waterslide, a dead dolphin and a ménage-a-trois with Kylie and Dannii Minogue, washed down with lashing of vomit, the lads plumb fresh depths but hit new comedy highs in this second TV-show spin-off

With school out, the crew set out to Australia to pay a surprise visit on Jay who claims to be bedding a fresh woman each day.

The truth is somewhat different with the serial fantasist and borderline sex pest living in a tent and working as a toilet attendant.

Packing their stuffs into a “sh***** wagon”, they say goodbye to Sydney in search of journey – or more specifically – sex.

It’s a much funnier and more imaginative movie than the last instalment (released in 2011), from an intro that neatly sends-up the Harry Potter franchise to a bromantic near-death experience in the Outback to a considerable sharp sarcasm of middle-class kids on their ‘gap-yah’.

Not just for Inbetweeners fans.

Following the astonishing $88 million worldwide haul of the 2011 sitcom spinoff The Inbetweeners Movie ($71 million of which was grossed in the U.K.), lightning looks ready to strike again with this more consistently funny sequel. Hardly raising the bar for originality with its fish-out-of-water antics, and even more dependent on nudity and bodily fluids for the big comic set-pieces, The Inbetweeners 2 delightfully dissolves such lofty concerns in giddy gales of hilarity. Pic should score again wherever fans lurk, notably in Blighty and the Antipodes, with pockets in Germany, Italy and across Europe, scoring rich profits for U.K. broadcaster Channel 4.

The Inbetweeners 2 Full Hd movie online 720p

Uprightly aimed at the million viewers who are already familiar with these characters, the story follows six months or so after the events of the first movie, with Simon (Joe Thomas) and the genially foolish Neil (Blake Harrison) visiting self-sabotaging geek Will (Simon Bird) at Bristol U. It’s readily apparent that Will is having as much trouble fitting in there as he did in high school, while Simon has woes of his own, thanks to the uber-clingy g.f. (Tamla Kari) he inherited from his summer adventure in Crete. Even allowing for his tendency to exaggerate, it seems that wild fantasist Jay (James Buckley) is having a much more pleasant time during his gap year in Australia. As Jay so charmingly puts it, what with waking up to oral gratification from a different local beauty every morning, he hasn’t had to wash his penis in ages.

Taking advantage of the long spring break provided by English universities, Simon, Neil and Will set out to Oz, surprising Jay at the nightclub where he works — in the men’s bathroom, as it turns out, not the DJ booth. With Jay’s accommodations thus falling far short of what they’d always been expecting — and Will having collided promisingly with beautiful traveler Katie (Emily Berrington), whom he met at elementary school — the wheels are set in motion for fresh adventures in Byron Bay, New South Wales.

Like most successful teen comedies, The Inbetweeners successes by balancing its lustful nonsense with a disarming sweetness (in Jay’s case, through a backstory of reprehensible, confidence-sapping parenting), and no one is more of a target for humiliation than the boys themselves. All four actors go beyond all the odd this time around, as genitals get licked by a dog; a drop of urine proves insufficient in quenching a desert thirst; and, most remarkably, a stray log of human excrement creates mass terror at a water park. Thanks to the ingenuity of the setups and the flair of the execution, such go-for-broke gross-out tactics work like gangbusters.

Inbetweeners 2 film’s central conflict develops between Will and handsome, conceited tourist Ben (Freddie Stroma) in a battle for Kate’s attention, while tensions between the boys inevitably arise. These are handled more skillfully than they were in the first movie, emerging more organically from character and circumstances. The Byron Bay segment climaxes with Will, separated from the other three, telling his new, fake friends some home truths about their risible pretensions; for all the protagonists’ lamentable idiocies, audience sympathies are never in doubt.

Credited as screenwriters as well as executive producers on the first movie, Damon Beesley and Iain Morris show a smoothly confident transition into directing in this film, handling the comedy beats skillfully and extracting some widescreen cinematic scale from the Aussie locations. While the investors probably didn’t bet the farm, it’s understandable to surmise that the budget was bigger this time around, providing the vast anticipated revenue.

All principal parties have claimed that, with the characters growing into young men, and the actors themselves now falling in the ages between 26 and 30, there are no more “Inbetweeners” stories left to tell. It will be the very first task of Film 4’s new boss, David Kosse, coming this fall from Universal Intl., to persuade the brand’s creators that this need not be the case.

Watch The Inbetweeners 2 Full Hd movie online 720p

Inbetweeners 2 Review: More of the foulest, dirtiest and wackiest jokes you’ll ever see
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