Doing the Impossible: 4 Ways Thor Could Get His Mjolnir Back

Marvel recently blow up the world with the trailer of Thor Ragnarok, and even break the record for most viewed trailer in just 24 hours. People are talking about it all over social media, but what makes the most conversation is Hela crushing Mjornir with her bare hand.

I’ve already discussed in another article the previous times Mjolnir has been broken in the comics, but now I’m going to take you through how Thor may get his beloved Mjolnir back. There is no doubt that Thor is going to need his hammer more than ever in the upcoming battle with Thanos in Avengers Infinity War next year.

hela thor ragnarok

  1. The Eye of Agamotto

Last year, we were introduced to Doctor Strange in his marvelous standalone movie. Spells, magic and various galactic objects combined together making an unforgettable adventure. One of the various galactic objects we got to see was the powerful Eye of Aagmotto, a.k.a Time Gem. Its power to turn back time on an object or place has been demonstrated by Doctor Strange in the movie. Thor may think of the ultmate wizard if he wants to get back Mjolnir, but to do so Thor needs a shard of his hammer as a reference.

The Eye of Agamotto thor Ragnarok

  1. Re-Forged By Odin

The next possible way for Thor to get Mjolnir back would be getting to his dad, Odin, to have him either forge a new one or to enchant one that’s already forged. However, for this to happen, Odin still needs to be alive. If you remember at the end of Thor 2 The Dark World, Loki was sitting on the throne disguising himself as Odin. So either Odin is trapped somewhere and needs to be freed, or he’s dead. If he’s still alive, then there’s a chance that we’ll see him give his son back his mighty hammer.

Re-Forged By Odin Thor Ragnarok

  1. The Power of Celestials

From the comic, in Thor Vol. 1 #388, Mjolnir broke by the power of Exitar, a celestial being. This epic fight resulted in the celestials making a truce with Thor and helping repair Mjolnir. This was done by the celestial-born Thor clone, Replicoid.

This sort of God-like powers could be how Thor receives his hammer once again. In the MCU, we’re told the celestials were on Earth, but aren’t anymore. This doesn’t dismiss the possibility that they could be somewhere else in the vast galaxy, which gives Thor an option to repair Mjolnir.

The Power of Celestials Thor Ragnarok

  1. It’s Not Broken

One possibility is the idea that Mjolnir isn’t actually broken at all, it’s just his dream where Hela broke the hammer. It’s possible to think that way since it wouldn’t be the first time we’ve seen a dream sequence in a major comic-book movie, if you can remember, we saw it in Batman v. Superman Dawn of Justice. Some people might see this option as a bit of a cop out for Thor Ragnarok, but then again, is it worth their hassle to destroy Mjolnir?

I think it’s quite possible for either of these four options to happen in Thor Ragnarok, but it’s also possible it’ll be none of them. I place my bet on Doctor Strange using The Eye of Agamotto to reverse time on Mjolnir. However, it could be the end of Mjolnir, and Thor may find another weapon that will serve him as well as the might hammer.

Let’s watch the scene when Hela brokes Mjolnir:

Doing the Impossible: 4 Ways Thor Could Get His Mjolnir Back
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