Hulk Talking In Thor Ragnarok, How Lou Ferrigno Thinks About That?

On the big screne, we have Dr. Bruce Banner as well-spoken man of science while the Incredible Hulk is a large, green rage monster who doesn’t really know his way around proper speech. Lou Ferrigno, who originated the role of The Hulk, would know better than anyone how the role being played.

Marvel Studios’ THOR RAGNAROK..Hulk (Mark Ruffalo)..Ph: Film Frame..©Marvel Studios 2017

Since The Hulk have some lines outside of his usual range of speech in Thor Ragnarok has inspired the following thoughts that Ferrigno shared with the press: “I think there should be a little dialogue but not when he’s in a rage because we dealt in the past with that. In a normal conversation, it should be more of his sensitivity”.

Obviously, this wordy Hulk isn’t going to be an erudite professor of literatureqoting Shakespeare with the original pronunciation. The Hulk in Thor Ragnarok has been described as having a speech pattern closer to English than ever before. You’ll hear the most cohesive dialogue from this muscle bound Avenger. Ferrigno isn’t against that, however, the conditions have to be right. Seeing The Hulk taunting Thor with a well worded insult would be rather inappropriate.

Marvel Studios Thor: Ragnarok..L to R: Thor (Chris Hemsworth) and Hulk (Mark Ruffalo)..Photo: Film Frame..©Marvel Studios 2017

The “old Hulk” layouts the situation that seems pretty understandable. As Bruce Banner learning to control himself in Hulk form, it’s obviously that his ability to speak when turning Hulk will start to come more naturally as he is in human form. However, if Hulk is in “Hulk Smash” angry mood, then it makes total sense that he would be grunting and smashing a lot more than using his words. Lou Ferrigno seems to try picking a bone that doesn’t need to be picked against Thor Ragnarok. Rather, he’s putting out an opinion on how the character should be represented based on historical precedent.

Ultimately, for the purposes of Thor Ragnarok , Hulk will be a buddy/sidekick of Thor Odinson. It is going to be tough on the audience’s ears if he doesn’t have reach a certain level to have a conversaion. Lou Ferrigno also implied during his interview with that he might be doing something special in the Marvel Cinematic Universe in the future, though he wouldn’t elaborate on what this will entail. Maybe these opinions are held for some important reasons that we’ll find out about in Phase 4.

For the moment, we see Thor and The Hulk palling around the galaxy in Thor Ragnarok , which is slated to bring the hammer down on November 3.

Hulk Talking In Thor Ragnarok, How Lou Ferrigno Thinks About That?
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